Best Medical Schools in Miami (Everything You Need to Know)

Miami isn’t just one of Florida’s most recognizable cities, it’s also a busy hub for healthcare innovation and education.

Home to two reputable allopathic (MD) schools and a bunch of 4-year and 2-year colleges with numerous medical study offerings, Miami’s a great place to help kickstart a career in healthcare.

This article picks the best of the city’s schools. It also looks at all the necessary information (tuition fees, programs, locations, admissions data, etc.) you’ll likely want to know.

As a med student myself, I know how valuable quick overviews like this can be!

Ready to get started? Let’s go.

Best Medical Schools in Miami 

There are two allopathic (MD) medical schools in Miami. Each of these offers a 4-year medical degree, giving board licensure as a doctor of medicine.

Data and ranking positions are determined by U.S. News reports, individual medical school data and, if in doubt, my own objective experience.

1. Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine (University of Miami)

Location:1600 NW 10th Ave #1140, Miami, FL 33136
National University Rank:45 Research/93-123 Primary Care
Average MCAT:505-515
Acceptance Rate:4.59%
Average GPA:3.7
Enrollment: 15,657 (2010)
Student-faculty ratio:1.8:1

The competitive Miller School of Medicine (University of Miami) offers a number of doctoral and master programs along with the MD program. 

Based on the nation-wide average, tuition is reasonably priced at $47,476, and Miller features an astonishing faculty-student ratio of 1.8:1 with 1,493 full-time faculty.

The Miller School of Medicine is a Top 50-ranked research school and is also ranked #7 in “most diverse medical schools” and #46 in “most graduates  practicing in medically underserved areas.” The most popular residency and specialty areas are anesthesiology, emergency medicine, and internal medicine. 

One of the most intriguing facets of this school is its revolutionary “NextGenMD” program, utilizing the thousands of teaching beds on the medical campus to produce “transformational leaders” capable of making a significant change in America’s healthcare system.

UM Medicine is also a favorite among non-traditional students applying for medicine (read more about these schools here), given their track record of accepting students from diverse backgrounds.

It’s also one of the few medical schools in the world that are located by the beach!

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Here’s a snapshot of what the school offers…


  • Name: Miller School of Medicine – University of Miami
  • Phone: 305-243-3234
  • Website:

2. Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (FIU)  

Location:11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199
National University Rank:93-123 Research/93-123 Primary Care
Average MCAT:509
Acceptance Rate:4.59%
Tuition:$32,737 (in-state)/$62,737 (out-of-state)
Average GPA:3.7
Enrollment: 480
Student-faculty ratio:2.8:1

One of the newer medical schools in the country, the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine (HWCOM) at Florida International University (FIU) boasts an innovative curriculum. 

Founded in 2006, HWCOM has a 2.8:1 faculty-student ratio with 1,344 full-time faculty and focuses on the “social determinants” of health. This school was founded specifically to train doctors and health care professionals to serve in the communities of South Florida.  

HWCOM is ranked #3 in “most diverse medical schools” and #12 in “most graduates practicing in medically underserved areas.” The most popular residency and specialty areas are anesthesiology, internal medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology.  

HWCOM continues to add Ph.D., master’s, and graduate certificate programs to its degree offerings, and they sponsor several specialized residencies.

HWCOM also continues to expand its research component, focusing on aligning the health care of the local diverse populations with global health trends.

Students engage in that  research and other service-learning opportunities to further one of the school’s main goals: responding to the health needs of South Florida residents.  

The video below sheds more insight on FIU’s unique way of teaching medicine…


  • Name: FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine
  • Phone: 305-348-0570
  • Website:

Four-Year Medical Studies Schools In Miami 

There are several other great options for broader medical studies in Miami. These offer health and medical degrees in fields like nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, physician assistant, and more.

3. Barry University 

Location:11300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33161
National University Rank:299-391 (National Universities)
Acceptance Rate:51%
Enrollment: 3,523
Student-faculty ratio:15:1

Barry University is a private Catholic school in Miami offering four-year medical studies programs like clinical biology, nursing, and health services administration. The school is unique in the sense that its study of the medical profession is augmented by ecumenical and interfaith discussions about public service and commitment.  

Students get great practical experience, honing their skills at the school’s many US and Caribbean clinical sites, including the new state-of-the-art building in  Hollywood, FL. The school will soon unveil its Ventilator Management Simulation Training Program, an example of the cutting-edge training Barry provides.  

Barry’s nursing majors are often offered immediate employment, and the clinical biology majors are always in high demand in laboratory sciences (dental,  pharmaceutical, veterinary), especially those with the histotechnology focus (turning tissue samples into microscope slides).

Clinical biology also allows graduates to earn excellent salaries while waiting for medical school acceptance!

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Check out the video below for an “official” college tour…


  • Name: Barry University
  • Phone: 305-899-3000
  • Website:

4. Nova Southeastern University 

Location:3301 College Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314
National University Rank:213 (National Universities)
Acceptance Rate:80.1%
Enrollment: 6,314
Student-faculty ratio:17:1

Nova Southeastern University has 18 degree-awarding colleges under its umbrella, offering 282 degrees in everything from studio art and writing to accounting and supply chain management. In addition to their Fort Lauderdale campus, many of the degrees and certificates have an online option.  

NSU Florida offers a multitude of educational options, and along with the more standard public health and nursing programs, it features medical programs for undergrads that many schools do not: pharmaceutical science, optometry, and neuroscience are all available options in the health sciences track.  

The BS in cardiovascular sonography, for example – diagnostic medical ultrasound  – prepares students for two of the most sought-after positions in the medical field, and the BS in respiratory therapy provides 1,200 hours of clinical rotation experience.  

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NSU Florida offers serious non-MD health sciences students excellent options for high-level training in the medical field as undergraduates. 

Although they’re not strictly in Miami, NSU also offers osteopathic and allopathic medical degrees via Dr. Kiran C. Patel College. Admission to the MD course at NSU is probably the most difficult in the state (check out my article: Easiest Medical Schools To Get Into In Florida to learn why).

The video below provides a pretty popular tour of the campus and school…


  • Name: Nova Southeastern University
  • Phone: 800-541-6682
  • Website:

5. American Medical Academy 

Location:12215 SW 112th St, Miami, FL 33186
National University Rank:N/A
Acceptance Rate:100%
Tuition:Varied (according to degree type)
Enrollment: 461
Student-faculty ratio:6:1

Founded in 2006 as an accelerated EMS-focused institution, veteran-friendly American Medical Academy (AMA) is designed for those specifically interested in becoming a medical professional in the most efficient way possible – they even break down their programs by “clock hours” needed to complete the coursework.  

AMA offers Associates’ Degrees in nursing and EMS along with EMT and  Paramedic courses. Some programs have an online option, and all courses integrate  AMA’s modern methodologies and non-traditional approach.  

AMA also boasts “an enviable location compared to all other institutions in South Florida” including stand-alone classroom buildings with resource labs and demonstration labs contained within Devonarie Crystal Plaza.  

With just over 400 students, this is a hands-on, personalized education school taught only by professionals.

The objective of these programs is to enable the graduate to function competently in an ambulance, fire-rescue, aero-medical, or hospital ER scenarios.  


  • Name: American Medical Academy
  • Phone: 305-271-6555
  • Website:

Two-Year Medical Studies Schools In Miami 

There are also some great two-year schools for medical studies in Miami. These institutions offer courses like phlebotomy, surgical technician, pharmacy technician, radiation therapist, and more.

6. MDC Medical Campus 

Location:950 NW 20th St, Miami, FL 33127
National University Rank:N/A
Acceptance Rate:100%

The Miami-Dade College (MDC) Medical Campus, located in the center of the Miami Health District, offers certificate programs in medical specialty fields  ($1400/term resident, $4800/term non-resident).

Courses are available in the following:

  • EMT
  • Phlebotomy  echnician
  • Pharmacy Technician 

MDC uses clinics, human patient simulators, a simulation hospital, and open lab hours to help students prepare for jobs with real-life experience. The Pharmacy  Technician program, for example, boasts almost a 100% PTCB pass rate, and 80% of students are hired directly from their clinical rotation.  

These programs are designed to fast-track students for in-demand jobs, and they also provide valuable pathways to other medical positions.  

The video below gives a good introduction as to what you can expect attending MDC Medical Campus…


  • Name: Medical Campus Miami Dada College
  • Phone: 305-237-4141
  • Website:

7. Florida Career College 

Location:1321 SW 107th Ave Ste. 201B, Miami, FL 33174
Acceptance Rate:100%
Enrollment: 536
Student-faculty ratio:15:1

With many campus locations, hybrid learning, and day, evening, and weekend classes, Florida Career College is designed to train students for a new career while they work their current jobs (tuition $16,600).  

Most students graduate into a high-demand job market in 10 months. FCC offers pharmacy technician, dental assistant, and medical assistant technician programs to those for whom “the time and resources it takes to become a doctor are out of reach.”  

With small classes and instructors who understand the students’ ambition to make a  better future, this school sets students up for success with individual attention and practical education. 

Check out the testimonial below from Dental Assistant Kimberly…


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