Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into In Florida (3 Examples)

Thinking about becoming a doctor in Florida? Want to know which schools may be easier to gain acceptance to inside the state? This is the article for you!

What is the easiest medical school to get into in Florida?

Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine is probably the easiest medical school to get into in Florida. With an acceptance rate of 6.5%, it’s higher than its rivals while its average MCAT (510) and GPA (3.7) sit somewhere in the middle.

But obviously, those figures don’t tell the complete tale of how hard/easy Schmidt College of Medicine is to really get in. Especially when you consider the difficulty of reaching these prereqs in the first place!

So we’ll get into all that (while showing you 2 more examples of *possibly* easier med schools to aim for in Florida) here.

As a med student myself, I understand that you have to consider the level of competition when you apply for medicine.

Knowing where you stand the best chance with your individual application can be useful.

Ready to find out where that is? Let’s go.

Other easy medical schools to gain acceptance to in Florida

2. Florida State University College of Medicine

Tallahassee’s FSU College of Medicine, has the lowest average MCAT score (498) than all other med schools in the state. Couple that with its 120-size admission cohort, and it looks potentially a little easier to gain acceptance to than the next college on this list.

Although traditionally the school has appeared as one with the “lowest acceptance rates” (specifically in years 2015-17), it seems chances have improved slightly in more recent years.

Here’s an interesting word from a member of their adcoms…

We view in-state and out-of-state students equally, so don’t worry about not being from Florida. We also don’t differentiate between public/private schools.


3. University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine

USF Health might have a comparably higher average GPA (3.76) than other schools in the region, but its acceptance rate at 5.10% is actually pretty healthy.

One thing that might skew the figures is its large number of applicants.

USF is a good school, but its grade averages are much higher than schools that rank near or even better. I’d argue there is a probably a chance if you have good extracurriculars and a well-written personal statement with secondaries. 


What is the most difficult med school to get into in Florida?

The data suggests Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine is incredibly difficult to get into, with an admission size of just 50 students and an average MCAT of 511.

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What makes a school easy/difficult?

Judging a school’s relative ease or difficulty is far from scientific. It involves eyeballing the data and taking into consideration factors like class size, acceptance rate, average GPA and MCAT, etc.

The true measure of how easy it is to get into medicine comes down to the strength of your application (and a small dose of luck).

I’ll go through what you can do to boost your chances inside of Florida at the end of this article.

Quick list of med schools in Florida (with key data)

* IS = In-State / OOS – Out-of-State

Allopathic (MD)

U.S. News Ranking: Location: Year Est. Annual Tuition & Fees Avg. GPA Avg. MCAT Acceptance Rate First-Year Class Size
Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine94-122 in Research and Primary CareBoca Raton2011$28,111 IS
$62,532 OOS
3.75106.5%64 (84.6% IS)
Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine94-122 in Research and Primary Care Miami2006$73.874 IS
$105,380 OOS
2.5%120 (80.8% IS)

Florida State University College of Medicine94-122 in Research and Primary Care Tallahassee
2000$26,303 IS
$60,854 OOS
4.6%120 (99.2% IS)
Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Allopathic Medicine 93-120 in Research
Fort Lauderdale
1979$55,671 IS
$62,390 OOS
3.695110.98 50
University of Florida College of Medicine 47 in Primary Care and Research Gainesville1956
$37,000 IS
$49,000 OOS
University of Central Florida College of Medicine94-122 in Primary Care/84 in Research Orlando2006$29,680 IS
$56,553 OO
3.795122.6%120 (71.7% IS)
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine74 in Primary Care/50 in Research Miami1952$47,4763.725131.6%150
University of South Florida Health Morsani College of Medicine94-122 in Primary Care /47 in Research Tampa1972$58,324 IS
$79,424 OOS
3.765155.10%178 (62.4% IS

Osteopathic (DO)

U.S. News Ranking: Location:Year Est.Annual Tuition & FeesAvg. GPAAvg. MCATAcceptance RateFirst-Year Class Size
Nova Southeastern University Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine UnrankedDavie2018$55,671 IS
$62,390 OOS
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Bradenton Campus 93-120 in Research/80 (tie) in Primary Care Bradenton 2004 $34,830 IS
$36,640 OOS
3.2 503 N/A196

What is the easiest pre-med school to get into in Florida?

Florida Gulf Coast University

Probably the easiest school to get into in Florida as a pre-med is Florida Gulf Coast University.

Here’s a quick overview of their key stats:

  • Average GPA: 3.87
  • Average SAT: 1060-1210
  • Average Composite ACT: 21-25
  • Acceptance Rate: 67%
  • Total undergraduate enrollment: 13,699

Compare those figures to some of the most competitive pre-med schools in the state, i.e. at the University of Florida (37% acceptance and 1310-1470 SAT), and you’ll see they’re very favorable.

For an overview of what I consider some of the best pre-med schools are in Florida (and the services they offer to help students on a pre-health/pre-med track) see this article; Best Pre-Med Schools In Florida (Costs, Extracurriculars & Admission Info).

Of course, that’s not to say FGCU is at all a bad school for potential pre-med or other allied health students.

Their nursing program, as evidenced in the Fox News video below, proves to be very reputable…

How can I improve my chances for getting accepted into medical schools in Florida?

Of course, there’s no truly “easy” medical school to get into in Florida. Those listed above still take serious work and effort to gain acceptance.

With average incoming class sizes ranging in the 100’s (and applications in the thousands), you can see how much the numbers are stacked against you.

To make your application as competitive as possible, however, here are the obvious things to think about.


Having excellent extracurriculars is one of the best ways to stand out among students applying for schools in Florida.

In-state students could make use of the following hospital volunteer programs to help score solid letters of recommendation (LOR’s), make connections, and show community leadership.

Research experience

Research experience is one way of impressing on your primary and secondary applications. If you can get your name in a publication, that’s even more impressive.

Clinical experience

Clinical experience can be best gained either via shadowing physicians, working as an EMT or medical scribe, or other healthcare work.

If you’re based in or around Miami, make sure you check out the following opportunities; 4 Physician Shadowing Opportunities In Miami.

Academic excellence

You should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (the higher, the better) and an MCAT score of 510 or above. Also, make sure you’ve done all the required prerequisite courses outlined by the schools above. Some of these you can of course do online (if accredited) or at community college, but as this article suggests; Do Medical Schools Accept Community College Credits? (Explained!), it’s better to get these covered at your undergraduate college.

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