5 Best Pediatrics Anki Decks (2022)

Pediatrics is one of the main clinical subjects you’ll study in med school and also a hugely popular medical specialty.

Studying pediatrics from pre-made Anki decks is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to core topics and achieve real mastery over the material.

The digital flashcards in each of the following decks can help you do exactly that!

The Best Pediatrics Anki Decks

The 5 decks we’ll be covering are: 

  1. WiWa Deck for Step II CK (best for UWorld) 
  2. Pediatrics Shelf Exam (best for NBME Prep) 
  3. Clerkship Pediatrics (widest resources) 
  4. Cinnamon Pediatrics Anki (best for Sketchy Peds) 
  5. Dorian’s Pediatrics Anki Deck (most comprehensive)

Each of these decks is formatted and structured differently, suiting those with varied learning styles. They also differ in size, meaning some will be faster to run through than others.

We recommend taking a look at each and checking out the card examples first before downloading.

We’ve also included some helpful pediatrics learning resources at the end of this article too!

WiWa Pediatrics Anki Deck for Step II CK

Deck Name:Wiwa Pediatrics Deck for Step II CK 
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2018 
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size:245.5 MB 
Download link :WiWa Deck for Step II CK 

This deck was made by user DocZay in the style of Brosencephalon’s original Step 1 Deck. 

The total number of pediatrics cards in this deck is 1480.

The main resource used in its completion is UWorld (see our article; UFAPS to know what this is) with occasional additions from Sketchy Micro/Pharm and Picmonic (check out our review of Picmonic here). 

The cards contain short cloze-style questions and limited context clues. Most cards contain UWorld explanations in the Extra section. 

The format of each card is:

– The green text is the answer
– The white text is additional context to help differentiate scenarios (e.g. what to do when a patient is GBS negative but has prolonged rupture of membranes)
– The blue text is the explanation of the concept

The deck is further divided into tags for the different specialties. As it’s a general-purpose deck (meant for varying specialties) you’ll have to suspend all non-pediatrics cards (Ctrl + J) to keep on topic…

Here’s a card example highlighting different immunodeficiency syndromes…

Memorizing this table is handy on the wards as you’ll be able to order antibody tests quickly to rule out major immunoglobulin deficiencies. 

Pediatric brain tumors, shown in this flashcard example, are another key concept to learn…

Download WiWa’s UWorld Pediatrics Anki cards here

Pediatrics Shelf Exam Anki Deck

Deck Name:Pediatrics Shelf Exam 
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2015 
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size: 11.2 MB 
Download link: Pediatrics Shelf Exam Anki Deck 

This deck contains 719 cards and is great as a supplemental resource when studying pediatrics on clinical rotation. 

One user recommends doing your cards in the following way for a high NBME score:

– Combine this deck with the BRS Pediatrics textbook
– Attempting UWorld Pediatrics questions every day
– Learning 30-40 cards new cards daily (while keeping up with reviews)

They advise beginning the deck early on in your rotation.

Here’s an example card on enzyme deficiency disorders…


Knowing the enzyme that is responsible for the disease and the typical presentation in patients is useful!

Here’s another example card about bone dysplasia…

Hearing “bowed legs” automatically leads students to think of rickets or mineral deficiencies. This card highlights the range of differential diagnoses to consider (such as Schmid type metaphyseal dysplasia).

This deck covers all the major topics you’ll need to know for your NBME exams in peds!

Download Pediatrics Shelf Exam Anki Deck 

Clerkship Pediatrics 

Deck Name:Clerkship Pediatrics 
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2019
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size: 14.3 MB 
Download link: Download Clerkship Pediatrics here 

This deck, created by Redditor u/originalhoopsta, contains 328 pediatrics relevant cards. 

The cards are written in a question-and-answer format and are heavily tagged. 

A wide variety of resources were used to create this deck including:

  • BRS Pediatrics
  • NMS Pediatrics
  • First Aid for USMLE Step 2
  • Kaplan Pediatrics
  • Case Files
  • OME
  • UpToDate
  • UWorld

The deck itself is comprehensive enough for any major rotations/exams.

Here is a card from the deck regarding the rotavirus vaccine…

Knowing the contraindications of certain vaccines is very important and not always comprehensively covered when studying! 

Here’s another sample card on the treatment for constipation in toddlers…

Laxative therapy is usually one of the first points of management to tackle the problem. In the “Extra” section of the card, you can learn why!

Download Clerkship Pediatrics here 

Cinnamon Sketchy Peds Anki Deck 

Deck Name:Cinnamon Sketchy Peds 
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2020 
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size: 450.3 MB 
Download link: Cinnamon Sketchy Peds 

Redditor u/saltpepperlover created this deck to cover all the videos from the Sketchy Peds Part 1 resource (around 39 videos).  

There are a total of 926 cards that have been independently reviewed for accuracy. 

Here is a sample card from the deck…

Download Cinnamon Sketchy Peds Anki here 

Dorian’s Pediatrics Deck 

Deck Name:Dorian’s Pediatrics Deck 
Card Format:Basic/Cloze
Year of Upload :2018 
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size: 110 MB/186.5 MB 
Download link:Dorian’s Pediatrics Deck- OME, Emma + NBME
Dorian’s Pediatrics Deck- Zanki + UWorld

Redditor u/dorian222 created a new Pediatric deck that’s insanely comprehensive.

It’s based on the following pre-existing Anki resources:

  • Emma Review Deck (based on Emma Holliday’s massively popular lecture series)
  • Pediatrics NBME Deck
  • Online Med Ed
  • Zanki/Anking 

It’s separated into two subdecks to focus on the different resources.

Dorian themselves has the following advice for studying for pediatrics with this resource:

Focus on the general symptoms

 A lot of the pediatric diseases sound alike, show up more than once on the test, and have similar symptoms (e.g., think of strep and mono). Focus on learning the general presentation first, then learn the distinguishing symptoms.

Rely on your own process of elimination (and remember buzzwords)

There are going to be a couple of diseases that you haven’t reviewed since Step 1. They also weren’t covered in any great deal in any of the resources I used. For the most part, though, you can narrow down the choices by process of elimination. Many questions that I got right because of a buzzword → I remembered an anki card.

The deck is structured as follows…

You’ll see all the major pediatrics pathologies covered.

We’d recommend working through it as follows…

  1. Use OnlineMedEd (OME) for an overview
  2. Do the UWorld-relevant pediatrics questions
  3. Unlock the Zanki/UBME flashcard sections the weekend before the test
  4. Leave the Emma Review subdeck until the end

Here’s a sample card from the deck’s “OME Chapter 1- Newborn Management” section…

This details the primary features of respiratory distress syndrome in children. If you toggle over the Summary/Full Discussion options at the bottom of each flashcard, you can read up more on the disease. 

Below is another card from the “Pediatric Infectious Disease” section…

This describes the different pathogens that can cause meningitis in children. Memorizing tables like this will be invaluable to arriving at correct diagnoses in the specialty!

Download Dorian’s Pediatrics Anki Deck here

Additional Pediatrics Resources

There are several other platforms for learning pediatrics and doing well in your med school and residency exams (besides Anki).

Depending on how far into the subject you wish to go, each of these resources goes into varying depth.

Recommended Pediatrics Flashcards

Lange CURRENT Pediatrics Flashcards

Considered the “gold standard” analog pediatrics flashcard resource, there are 464 excellently illustrated and detailed analog cards in this deck that are perfect for on-the-go and home-based study. Authored by William W. Hay, Jr, MD, and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado, you know this is a reputable and authoritative resource!

Recommended Pediatrics Textbooks

Although it’s not necessary to study the subject from textbooks, the following recommendations can be a nice supplement to digital flashcards.

BRS Pediatrics

With some of the above deck recommendations built around this amazing review book, you know just how useful a resource it can be when it comes to rapid-style reviews of the specialty.

Now featuring more than 400 board-style questions with complete answers and explanations, this book just got even better.

Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care

At 1088 pages this book is perhaps the only pediatrics resource you’ll ever truly need when it comes to covering everything in the subject.


Emma Holliday Pediatrics

Amazing 2-hour run-through of all the most high-yield points you’ll ever likely want to know on the subject.

Check out our full guide to this lecture series (including PDFs for the presentations and errata) in this article; Emma Holliday High Yield Lectures Guide.

OnlineMedEd Pediatrics

OME has 25 lessons and 7.5 hours of video run time covering pediatrics clerkships/electives here.

Their resource is categorized accordingly:

  • Newborn management
  • Neonatal ICU
  • Meconium
  • Baby Emesis
  • Nenatal Jaundice
  • Congenital Defects

And more!

Make sure you do their 112 peds-based questions for extra practice too.

Where To Find More Anki Pediatrics Decks 

We highly recommend going on Reddit at r/medicalschoolanki or AnkiWeb.net and looking at the pediatrics offerings.

You can filter your results to see the most recent and most relevant pre-made Anki peds decks via search.

Why Use An Anki Pediatrics Pre-Made Deck?

  1. Excellent free resource
  2. Saves time making your own cards while covering the most high yield principles
  3. Gives you more time to do practice questions!

Top Tips For Using Anki Pediatrics Flashcard Decks 

There can be lots of information on some cards which can be overwhelming. Our top tip is to keep it SIMPLE and make sure you are actively practicing cards on a regular basis. 

Keep reviewing the cards where possible, i.e. once you have finished your set for the day, briefly make a mental note or write down where your study session ended.

If you’re studying from a large multi-subject pre-made Anki deck, make sure you use tags and suspend (ctrl + J) all other cards outside of the usual pediatrics topics.

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