22 Amazing Anki Memes (Flashcards Can Be Fun)

Anki’s revolutionised my learning just as much as it’s frustrated me. A key tool in my active recall arsenal, I still love it though.

So much so that I’ve collected 22 of, what I feel, are the best anki memes floating around out there on the web.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Maye they’ll even make a welcome study break too!

Attributions where possible.

General Anki Memes


Memes for those familiar with Anki and using it to learn languages, coding, math or whatever else…

1. Spaced repetition


How I feel on this blog sometimes. A broken record singing Anki’s praises all day long…

2. When you finally discover third party resources and anki


Seriously, it’s a game changer. Give it a try. Stick with it!

3. Big brain anki thinking

no anki cards to review if you suspend them all - Black guy pointing finger  | Meme Generator

For when those reviews really start piling up.

4. Read before you install


But it’s a good kind of control. Promise.

5. Firehose squad

Shitpost] Just shove dem flashcards : Anki

And if you don’t get the “firehose squad” reference, make sure you check out this article: 20 Funny Medical School Quotes.

We got you covered.

6. Tyrion ankister

When someone asks you why you do anki : medicalschoolanki

Anki and wine. A very underappreciated combination.

But probably not the best for recall.

7. Yes, shared anki decks do be like crack

Y'all got any more of them Anki decks? - Dave Chappelle Junkie Y'all Got  Anymore of | Make a Meme

Did I mention using pre-made decks can help you save a ton of time making your own flashcards?

8. Anki is saviour!


Yes, with anki, you too, can feel like a study god.

9. So Long, Partner

makes me feel old sometimes : Anki

Probably the sweetest sensation you can get, being an ankier.

10. Spreading the holy word of anki

Everything sounds better with ewoks.

11. That familiar feeling


This ones for the fans of the TV-show Seinfeld. But I guess the anxiety is something all of us anki bro’s face at one time or another…

12. Anki hotline bling

r/Anki - just a series of memes inspired by anki

Learning by reading a book? That ain’t gonna cut it. Anki for the win.

13. When you finish your anki cards at 11:00 PM…


Another good reason for keeping up with reviews. I don’t say it in this post for nothing…

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 14. When you take the weekend off from Anki and need to catch up on Monday


Another one along the same theme…

15. We’re just friends


Users of anki’s excellent heat-map add-on will enjoy this.

This one’s from r/ProgrammerHumor originally.

16. Me, proudly finishing my anki review


Another one for the heat-mappers.

17. Forcing myself to do anki in the summer…


The summer is long and there are lots of distractions.

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Med School Anki Memes

The following memes will have more relevance if you’re specifically studying in med school.

18. MS1 students investing in 1000 anki cards a day be like


Yes, you really should think seriously about skipping med school lectures. Especially when you can sit at home and just do Anki.

Oh and if you’re struggling with anatomy, how about…

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19. Oh noooooo my anki doesn’t have it


If it ain’t on a flashcard, did it ever really exist?

20. Anki pro tip

r/medicalschool - Memes for anki pt 2 [meme]

Adding memes to your actual Anki cards can make them even more memorable (and easier to recall).

This med student knows where it’s at.

Here’s another example…

21. Card + meme = genius


I bet you won’t forget what happens in rheumatic fever for a while…

22. We’re done…when I say we’re done

Users of the glory that is Anking med/zanki will know these feels…

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Amazing Anki Memes: Final Thoughts

Enjoy these anki-related memes? Make sure you hang out in the respective Reddit communities for more meme goodness.

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