20 Funny Medical School Quotes (Because Studying Medicine Doesn’t Have To Always Be Serious!)

Sometimes as a busy medical student you often feel like you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown. Personally though, I try my best to look at the positives. Funny medical school quotes? Help me do exactly that.

Providing a nice reminder that we’re not the only ones going through what seems like an eternity of hard-study, the insight of others provides the perfect study break.

So here’s a whole bunch of my personal favourites. Ones that I think help capture the funny side of medical student life now that I’m four years into the journey myself….

Funny Medical School Quotes

The following could look great as Instagram captions, on med school bios or even as something cool to add to your presentation slides.

#1 “Studying medicine is like drinking from a fire-hose”

This is one of the most popular quotes I hear summarising the experience of information over-load in med school. For those of you not familiar with what it’s like attempting to drink from a fire-hose? Here’s a video for you.

Basically it’s a reference to just how crazy the task is of having to memorize everything. The fire hose? An unstoppable torrent. A metaphor for all the information coming our way!

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#2 “Med school is where you learn who not to send your family to”

This is pretty apt when you’re in the med school bubble, looking around at your colleagues and thinking about who you’d trust or not! Lazy medical students? Could be near the top of this list.

Date a med student :D | Gym memes, Workout humor, Gym humor
I guess med school can have it’s perks…

#3 “When people ask, “How many more years of studying do you have?” And you’re just like “till death do us part”

Definitely feeling this now I’ve reached the half way point. The needle? Still barely feels like it’s moving toward graduation. And it’s probably the most common question I get!

#4 “Medical student: living on massive amounts of caffeine, sugar and ramen noodles and foregoing sleep to become a “better health professional”

The hype is real. Most medical students live like this. Just trying to get through the semester as best as they can.

Not really funny, just so true!! I can't be required to face a new semester until I've gotten over the emotional and psychological damage of the last one.
Meme on point…

#5 “It’ll be better next year”

Funny from an ironic stand-point. It’s what you tell yourself in the summer break. Before reality hits and things get crazy again. Kind on a par with; “I love finals!” Said no medical student. Ever.”

#6 “When I went to medical school, the term ‘digital’ applied only to rectal exams”

This is a quote from American cardiologist Eric Topol. Who seems a bit disgruntled he missed out on the Instagram era.

The feeling? Doesn’t just stop in first year my friends…

#7 “Everyone wants to be a doctor, but no one wants to study no damn medicine”

I equate this to the med student profiles I see on Instagram. All dressed up and looking the part but with exams still outstanding. We all want to get to that end goal. But the process? Got to get through that first.

A Quick Recommendation!

Enjoying this article? How about checking out one of the funniest (and most quotable) books on medicine I’ve ever read; This Is Going To Hurt by former NHS doctor Adam Kay?

Here’s a little taste of what to expect…

“What should I have brought to entice people into a career in medicine? Toy stethoscopes? Amniotic fluid smoothies? Diaries with all your weekends, evenings and Christmases handily crossed out?”

Give it a read. You won’t regret it!

#8 “Finish last in your league and they call you idiot. Finish last in medical school and they call you doctor”

I love this one because it’s a brutal reminder of all the unnecessary competitiveness in med school. Grades? Don’t really matter. We’re all pulling in the same direction. All of us with the end goal in sight.

This quote is credited to Abe Lemons, an American College basketball coach.


#9 “If you want to succeed in med school, just two things – don’t fall in love and don’t fall behind”

Sage advice here. And two factors that can make an already complicated time – being in medical school – all the more complicated. Still, there’s been a few success stories of people doing both!

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Yes, med school dating do be like dat.

#10 “When you’re ready to quit just remember how good you’ll look in that white coat”

Sometimes it’s the little things that keep you going. More for my American readers maybe (European healthcare systems don’t call for the white coat). But substitute white coat for bomb ass briefcase and formal wear.

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OK, maybe not this dramatic…

#11 “Med students in afternoon lectures are like renal tubules in acute tubular necrosis. They lose the ability to concentrate”

Bit of an inside joke here (useful if you know your kidney physiology) but a familiar feeling none the least. Perhaps another reason to skip class?

#12 “I dreamed I died and went to hell. Then I woke up and realised I was in medical school”

Hell better than med school? Not so sure. But kind of get the point. Especially when faced with a crazy finals period with no end in sight. Purgatory has never seemed so real.

#13 “Be the doctor your parents wanted you to marry”

One for the kids in med school who maybe don’t really want to be there. I’m not one of them but I can feel their pain.

Hey, it opens doors in dating though! So I’ve heard…

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No life, no problems! One of the ironic positives…

#14 “It’s annoying when engineering students call themselves engineers. You never hear medical students call themselves doctors. Or art students calling themselves unemployed”

Hits home this one. Especially as I’m a former arts student who’s turned to medicine later in life.

#15 “Medical school is like eating an elephant. You just have to do it one bite at a time”

Some days I feel like I’d rather be eating an elephant.

#16 “This is nothing like Gray’s anatomy”

When medical school feels nothing like what you thought it would. Especially compared to all the cool shows you used to watch on TV.

Except the drama and the stress of course. And zero of the glamour.

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#17 “I’ve got a dream, that’s worth more than my sleep”

Similar to the purgatory feeling, this is one also commonly floating about on the meme boards.

#18 “I gave up my life to learn how to save yours”

Sacrifice for the greater good. The medical school narrative we all tell ourselves. But will the juice be worth the squeeze? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

#19 “There will always be light at the end of the tunnel, except in medical school it’s a train called boards”

This one’s in reference to the US-medical system and the USMLE board exams that grant them a licence to practice. Across the world med schools work differently, so the light isn’t always so dim.

Doesn’t matter which medical school you go to recognise this feeling…

#20 “Studying in med school is like making love when you’re drunk. You never actually finish, you just keep going until it’s not worth it anymore”

Tactically saved this one until last. If it resonates with you though? Well, I’m glad that you get it.

Final Thoughts: Funny Medical School Quotes

The quotes outlined above? Sure, some of these are dramatic. But they’re also uncomfortably close to the truth too!

You’re not quite done with that study break yet!

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