7 Physician Shadowing Programs In Phoenix!

Shadowing is essential when deciding on a career in healthcare. Without it, it’s hard to get an application taken seriously.

But finding programs near to you can sometimes prove difficult!

If you’re based in Phoenix, these physician shadowing programs could be worth exploring.

Before we dive into the list of physician shadowing programs in Phoenix, why don’t you check out our hospital volunteering guide to Phoenix? Many of the opportunities there could lend themselves well to both your studies and interests!

List Of Physician Shadowing Programs In Phoenix

Mayo Clinic CARES Phoenix

Mayo Clinic CARES Arizona is designed to help inspire and introduce high school students to a career in healthcare via a 4-week summer participation program.

After 2021’s virtual program, the program is set to return to Mayo Clinic Arizona campuses to offer shadowing and faculty-wide presentations by researchers, clinicians, educators, and other allied health career professionals.

The program is free.


Arizona State University Pre-Health Internship

ASU’s Pre-Health Internship Program (PHIP) gives junior and senior students at the school the chance to gain important practical and hands-on experience connecting them with shadowing and observing placements across Phoenix.

As mentioned, you’ll need to be enrolled at ASU to qualify, but you’ll also need a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and be held in “good standing” by the school itself.

Here’s more on how the program works…

Students outside ASU may try reaching out to the pre-health team in the hope of securing valuable shadowing/observership contacts.


College of Medicine Phoenix’s Saturday Scrubs

High school students interested in shadowing opportunities may be interested in this free monthly lecture/activity series run by The University of Arizona Phoenix.

Each session is run by faculty, staff, and medical students, offering hands-on exposure to several different fields in healthcare.

Previous events have given participants the ability to experience the following:

  • Suturing
  • Intubation
  • CCO-CPR certification training
  • Pig heart dissections

And more!

Participants attending at least seven sessions can also gain certification and a set of scrubs!

Sessions are limited to 100 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact Chip Young in the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at COMPHX-admissions@email.arizona.edu for more info!


College of Medicine Phoenix’s Summer Scrubs

Similar to Saturday Scrubs, Summer Scrubs is another enrichment program operated by the University of Arizona Phoenix that offers high school students a virtual mini-medical school across the summer months.

Besides shadowing opportunities, the program also offers field trips, simulations, lectures, and other relevant lab experiences.

Check out the video below to see more of what does down at Summer Scrubs!

The program has separate residential and day camps (priced differently) and is designed for students in grades 9-11.

Applications for individual programs usually start at the beginning of December.


SURF+ Program (Surgical Undergraduate Research Fluency Plus) at Valleywise Health

Valleywise Health’s SURF+ Program is a 10-hour weekly summer research program designed for undergraduate students across the country who have an interest in healthcare careers.

The program’s goal is to provide clinical and biomedical research training to help improve patient outcomes (super useful for med school apps!).

Participants are paired up with mentors and introduced to the process of research. They are then guided through how to manage academic research, how to conduct and synthesize data from clinical trials, and what the ethical concerns involved may be.

SURF+ is overseen by The Department of Surgery but there’s an opportunity to spend time and conduct research at the Arizona Burn Center and the Trauma Center, among other hospital departments.

Shadowing residents and surgeons on trauma call is a fundamental part of the program.

To be eligible you’ll need to be enrolled at an undergraduate university and have a minimum 2.75 GPA.

See the website for application timelines, the detailed program outline, and more.


Helios Scholars at TGen

Helios Scholars at TGen is open to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students who have studied at an Arizona high school, college, or university.

The program is a paid, 8-week summer internship in biomedical research that enables interns to work full-time under the mentorship of a TGen scientist.

The research helps contribute to advancements in pathologies like diabetes, cancer, and other neurological disorders.

To be eligible you’ll need to be over 16.

Here’s a snapshot of how the program works…


College of Medicine Tucson Surgery Observership/Shadowing Program

Although on temporarily suspended notice (due to the pandemic), the Clinical Shadowing/Observership Program at The University of Arizona may be a little way out of Phoenix yet it’s still a great program for students interested in learning more about surgery.

Past students are able to gain clinical experience watching over the various procedures and surgical ward rounds that take place at the school’s Department of Surgery.

To be eligible, you’ll need to be over 18 and completed all components of the school’s shadowing/observership application packet. International students may also participate granted they can get invitations from faculty members.


Other Opportunities For Clinical Shadowing In Phoenix

As well as applying to the organized shadowing programs listed above, it can be worth researching and enquiring about possible hospital volunteering programs in Phoenix and the surrounding Arizona area.

Signing up to volunteer can help you build a network among physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare workers that could lead to important shadowing opportunities.

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Follow the link at the start of this article to learn more about hospital volunteering in Phoenix.

What About Private Shadowing?

It’s possible to set up private shadowing programs with physicians (and other healthcare workers) in Phoenix.

Here are some important tips on how to secure further shadowing opportunities in the city and surrounding areas:

  • Contact your own personal care provider (PCP) and enquire about shadowing
  • Look up major hospitals in the area and check to see if doctors practicing there are alumni of your college (email them and explain the situation)
  • Try cold calling/emailing physicians listed on the faculty list of Phoenix’s major health schools
  • Check out volunteer opportunities in the city, get orientated and introduce yourselves to members of the medical team personally
  • Consider applying for hospital scribing jobs in the city

What About Physician Assistant Shadowing?

The best way to score physician assistant shadowing (PA) opportunities is via The Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants (ASAPA).

They publish a list of available PA’s available for shadowing in the Phoenix area and beyond. Membership costs $75 annually but many PA applicants suggest it’s worth the money (especially for obtaining good letters of recommendation – Source).

I Want To Shadow A Certain Specialty Doctor, What Can I Do?

If you’re looking to learn more about the various areas of medicine (and the differing roles) then shadowing can help.

Finding opportunities is generally the same across all areas of medicine and health. You’ll want to contact departments (and physicians) directly and see if they can put you in contact with specialist healthcare workers in areas you may be interested in.

We have an individual guide on shadowing in certain specialties too:

Final Thoughts

A physician or clinical-based shadowing program is important for any student interested in allied health careers. Not just future doctors but nurses, physician assistants, and anyone in between!

Hopefully, the programs above can help give you an introduction as to what life in healthcare is all about.

Before you bounce away from this list, why don’t you check out our other physician shadowing guides? We cover all major U.S. cities!