Best Pre-Med Schools In Colorado (Costs, Extracurriculars & Admission Info) [2021]

Preparing yourself as early as you can is the key to getting accepted into med school.

If you’re based in Colorado (or interested in going to school there), choosing one of the best pre-med schools in the state can also help.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • The best pre-med schools in Colorado (based on reputation and alumni)
  • How important it is to attend a good pre-med school in the state
  • What pre-meds in Colorado can do to be more competitive

Being a med student myself, I know how valuable it can be to think about these things.

Getting into med school is tough, the right information can help give you a small advantage.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Before we get into the best pre-med schools in Colorado, you might be interested in what’s on offer in the surrounding states. Check out our guide; Best Pre-Med Schools in the USA for more information.

Best Pre-Med Schools In Colorado

University of Colorado Boulder 

Location:Boulder, CO 
National University Rank:99 
Average SAT score: 1130-1350 (ACT 24-31) 
Acceptance Rate: 84% 
Tuition:$12,494 (in state)/$38,312 (out of state) 
Private/Public: Public 
Undergraduate Enrollment: 30,300  
Student-faculty ratio: 18:1 

The University of Colorado Boulder is a flagship university in the University of Colorado (UC) system, and a well respected public research university.

It offers a 15-18 credit Pre-Medical concentration for students wishing to apply to medical school after completing an undergraduate engineering degree. 

Outside of this track, its pre-health advising service offers exceptional support to active non-degree students interested in preparing to apply for a health or medicine course at the postgraduate level. Most of these students are those who planned a different career path altogether and settled on healthcare much later.

The service organizes events like pre-application workshops, offers strategies on school selection, crash courses in important MCAT and med school prereqs, and pre-health interview preparatory workshops. It can also help students find local volunteering and clinical experience opportunities via Boulder Community Health and Boulder Medical Center Avista.

The school’s Wilderness and Emergency Medicine Course is a popular favorite among pre-med/pre-health aspirants.

For an inside peek into what life is like as a pre-med at CU Boulder check out the video below…


  • Name: University of Colorado New Boulder 
  • Location: Boulder, CO 80309, United States
  • Phone: +1 303 492 1411 
  • Website: 

Western Colorado University 

Location:Gunnison, CO 
National University Rank:61
Average SAT score: 1000-1190 (ACT 20-26) 
Acceptance Rate: 88% 
Tuition:$10,663 (in state)/$22,447 (out of state)  
Private/Public: Public 
Undergraduate Enrollment: 2,728   
Student-faculty ratio: 18:1 

There are many pre health advisors on board at Western Colorado University (WCU) to help those interested in pursuing medicine as a career.

With its 89% acceptance rate among WCU alumni gaining acceptance into healthcare-related professional programs, you’ll certainly be in good hands.

Emily McMahill is a lecturer in biology and a key pre-health advisor. According to her, the main thing high school students applying for medicine should think about is GPA, test scores and community involvement. 

For more of her invaluable advice, check out the video below…

Emily also runs a pre health prep series at WCU designed to educate students on how to become a competitive applicant and increase their chances of successfully gaining acceptance.

Due to the smaller undergraduate enrollment numbers (WCU has one of the smallest student cohorts on this list), the college makes it easy to develop good relationships with the professors and gain great letters of recommendations. 

Although there’s no dedicated “Pre Medicine program”, WCU offers opportunity to take foundational science courses no matter what major you decide on.

Extracurriculars offered at the school include participation in the Pre-Health Club, Research Assistantships, Shadowing, the Thornton Biology Research Program, and the Pre-Health Mentorship Program where you’ll be paired up with qualified health professionals.

Check out the pre-medicine program here.


  • Name: Western Colorado University 
  • Location: 1 Western Way, Gunnison, CO 81231, United States
  • Phone: +1 970 943 2119 
  • Website:

University of Colorado (Colorado Springs)  

Location:Colorado Springs, CO 
National University Rank:299 
Average SAT score: 1010-1200 (ACT 20-27) 
Acceptance Rate: 90% 
Tuition:$10,480 (in state)/$25,600 (out of state) 
Private/Public: Public 
Undergraduate Enrollment: 10,119 
Student-faculty ratio: 17:1 

Pre-Medicine prep at UCCS prepares students well as competitive candidates wishing to enter into professional programs across the state and country.

It’s close connection to the CU Medical School Program at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, make it perfectly positioned for gaining important extracurricular experience such as shadowing and research.

Although UCCS does not have a dedicated pre-med program (you’re free to pursue any major) they do list out all the common med school prereqs here. Alternatively, you can contact the pre health advisor Bev Kratzer (719) 255 3745 or email for further clarification.

Outside of studying hard, UCCS offers unique involvement in it’s Pre-Health Society Club and various community-based projects.

Here’s a snapshot of how campus life is at the school…


  • Name: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 
  • Location: 1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States
  • Phone: +1 719 255 8227 
  • Website:

Pikes Peak Community College 

Location:Colorado Springs, CO 
National University Rank:471 
Average SAT score: N/A 
Acceptance Rate: 100% 
Tuition:$3,840 (in state)/ $14,928 (out of state) 
Private/Public: Public 
Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,069   
Student-faculty ratio: 20:1 

The Pre Med Professions (AS) Program at Pikes Peak is designed to meet the needs of students who want to go into healthcare positions. They specialize in preparing students interested in dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and chiropractic medicine. 

Pikes Peak also offers an Associate of Science Degree targeted towards students who want an emphasis in natural sciences/maths/computer science/pre-engineering and pre allied health looking to later transfer to 4 year degrees at colleges across the US.

The college also offers all the necessary prereq courses you’d need to take to gain acceptance to the majority of US-based med schools.

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  • Name: Pikes Peak Community College 
  • Location: 5675 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 81906 , United States
  • Phone: +1 719 502 2000 
  • Website:

Colorado Christian University

Location:Lakewood, CO 
National University Rank:61 
Average SAT score: 1080-1260 (ACT 21-27) 
Acceptance Rate: 63% 
Private/Public: Private  
Undergraduate Enrollment: 6,661  
Student-faculty ratio: 15:1 

The Pre Medical Profession Program at CCU is tailored specifically to give a strong foundation for students wanting to enter postgraduate study in medicine. The course equips students with skills for the MCAT and admission to a variety of para medical graduate programs like osteopathic medicine, chiropractic medicine and optometry.

CCU also offers students ample opportunities to take part in various extracurriculars that can help give them a competitive advantage when applying for medical school. 

The Natural Sciences and Mathematics faculty at CCU are well versed in the process of what it takes to get admitted to medical school. The faculty regularly attend conferences and seminars to be updated on the latest changes to admission tests and aassist students by recommending internship programs.


  • Name: Colorado Christin University 
  • Location: 8787 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States
  • Phone: +1 303 963 3000 
  • Website:

All admissions data is taken from the American Association of Medical Colleges (Source). Ranking data is taken from U.S. News.

Final Thoughts

There are several options to choose from when it comes to choosing alternative pre-med schools in Colorado.

Aside from the recommendations above, other schools that came up during my research, that also may be worth looking at, include:

Whichever major you choose, the connections, experiences, and opportunities at these colleges will give you all you need to help put together a competitive application.

You’ll still have to put in the time of course, but you’ll have lots of support to help you along the way.

Related Questions

Is It Important To Attend A Good Pre Med School In Colorado?

Having a reputable school on your med school application can look good. Performing well during undergrad, at any of the colleges recommended above, is a strong indicator you’ll fit in studying medicine.

How much an individual school actually contributes to your chances of becoming a doctor is open for debate, however.

The biggest factors, in terms of competitiveness, are your GPA score, your clinical experience (shadowing, working, etc), and extracurriculars, and how well you present yourself in application essays and interviews.

To say the strength of your candidacy comes solely down to where you studied for pre-med would be a stretch!

What College In Colorado Has The Best Medical Program?

The best medical school in Connecticut, according to U.S. News Ranking (Source), is the University of Colorado School of Medicine. You’ll need an average GPA of 3.82 and an average MCAT of 513.

How To Improve Your Medicine Application As A Pre-Med In School In Colorado

A great way to make your med school application as competitive as possible is through extracurriculars.

In Colorado, you have a lot of clinically relevant medical/hospital volunteering opportunities to take advantage of.

These positions are organized and very useful for obtaining letters of recommendation (LOR’s), shadowing, and other important networking connections.

You can also look into relevant pre-med jobs like scribing, EMT, and phlebotomy available in the state for extra clinical experience.

What Is The Hardest/Easiest College In Colorado To Get Into?

Based on the data above, the Western Colorado University appears easier to gain admission into as an undergrad. Their admission rate is one of the highest and their average SAT scores are lower than rival colleges in the state.

University of Colorado Boulder appears the most competitive.

What Major Should I Choose As A Pre-Med In Colorado?

The standard advice is to choose a major you feel you can do well in. Your GPA will be possibly the biggest differentiator between you and other pre-med candidates.

RelatedWhat’s The Easiest Pre Med Major?

Here’s what you should consider:

  • How motivated you’ll be to study (choose something you’ll enjoy)
  • How “suitable” you are to the subject (maximize your chance of a high GPA)

If you did well in a particular subject in high school, or find something relatively easy to get good grades in, that could make for a good pick.

Something else to think about is the MCAT. Sometimes life science subjects can be a good fit as they’ll help you in the preparation for this key med school exam. They also may cover many of the prerequisites.

One thing is for sure though; you don’t need to be on a pre-med track at a Colorado-based college to get into med school. Your GPA, your MCAT, and your extracurriculars are what count!

If you found this article useful, make sure you check out the rest of our pre-med guides…