Is LSU Shreveport a Good Medical School? (Major Pros & Cons)

LSU Shreveport is a public institution established in 1965 and part of the LSU System. It’s composed of three schools:

  1. The School of Medicine
  2. The School of Graduate Studies
  3. The School of Allied Health Professions

LSU’s mission is to educate healthcare professionals who excel at the highest levels in academia, private practice, and industry.

So let’s find out what they really deliver.

Is LSU Shreveport a Good Medical School?

LSU Shreveport is a good med school. It offers good scientific research opportunities, a combined-degree option, a fair cost of living in North Louisiana, and well-structured student affairs office and financial aid. Weaknesses such as its lack of out-of-state students, and low prestige make it not the obvious choice for everyone, however.

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Why LSU Shreveport Medical School? Major Pros

1. High-quality research

LSU gives its med students a lot of research opportunities, including curricular elements in preclinical and clinical years, a medical student research program, research electives, a research track of distinction, and an MD/Ph.D. program.

Besides each of these options, students may always volunteer to participate in research with faculty mentors from various departments too.

2. LSU med school does not require any specific major

As typical in most med schools around the country, all majors are eligible to apply for admission to the MD Program as long as the minimum academic requirements are met.

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3. Combined Degrees

Alongside the regular MD degree, LSU has an MD/PhD program in the Basic Sciences and the School of Medicine at LSU Shreveport. This combined MD/Ph.D. degree is offered in the five basic science departments of the School of Graduate Studies and School of Medicine:

  1. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  2. Cellular Biology and Anatomy
  3. Microbiology and Immunology
  4. Molecular and Cellular Physiology
  5. Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Neuroscience

This is something that could be an advantage when it comes to specialty-specific residency matching or career prospects if you hope to go into fields outside of clinical medicine.

4. Extracurriculars

The University’s Office for Student Affairs is responsible for delivering all student services in the School of Medicine.

Student Affairs facilitates student leadership, academic training, and personal growth through co-curricular and extracurricular services, programs, and activities.

Academic societies available at the med school include:

  • LSU Health Shreveport Book Club
  • LSU Health Billiards Interest Group
  • LSU Health Shreveport Running Club
  • Wine Interest Group (WIG)
  • Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)
  • Surgery Interest Group (SIG)
  • AMA-MSS School Chapter
  • American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

Full list here.

5. Student Financial Aid Office

SFAO supports med students by:

  1. Providing access, aid, and advisory services to the campus to facilitate student recruitment, enrollment, and retention
  2. Assisting with the removal of any financial barriers to education
  3. Complying with federal, state, and university policies governing financial aid programs

LSU has an extensive range of scholarship and awards opportunities, such as:

  • School of Medicine Institutional Scholarship
  • LAMMICO Award for Excellence Scholarship
  • School of Medicine Disadvantaged Background Scholarship
  • Nathan Bernstein Scholarship Fund
  • Sandra and Jerry Martin Endowed Scholarship for Medical Students
  • Reginald and Ruby Slaughter Scholarship
  • LSU Honor Scholarship
  • LSU Rotary Club Scholarship
  • Charles G. Hargon Jr. Memorial Scholarship for Medical Students

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6. Low Cost of Living

Regarding the cost of living, North Louisiana has competitive advantages. Its residents enjoy a low cost of living, low housing costs, and low unemployment rates, which allow for a high standard of living. And Shreveport ranks as one of the state’s most affordable.

7. No CASPer

Another big pro is that LSU doesn’t require the CASPer entry test for its application considerations.

Why LSU Shreveport Medical School? Major Cons

1. Low prestige.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport is not among the most prestigious med schools. It is ranked #93-123 in US News’ Best Medical Schools: Research and #93-123 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care.

2. Class size

LSU School of Medicine counts a Faculty of over 500 with a class size of 150 for fall 2021. And plans are underway to increase the class size to 200 over the upcoming years.

Students looking for one-on-one teaching attention could have a hard time here.

3. Very selective.

In 2021, LSU Health Shreveport had over 4,400 applications. Approximately 325 were interviewed, and the final matriculating class was 150.

That makes for an approx acceptance rate of 3.4%

4. Not very friendly for out-of-the-state students

97% of its approved students are in the state, and the school does not seem to accept many out-of-state students.

5. Harassment scandal

In 2021 LSU was involved in an embarrassing harassment scandal, and it is tough to understand how the administration dealt with that.

According to some news reports, 16 medical students reported being harassed by an administrative faculty member and the dean of admissions, requiring “good-looking female applicants and students to write book reports on stories.”

We found some concerning comments about LSU Shreveport on Reddit...

Isn’t LSU Shreveport one of the permanent fixtures of the annual Name and Shame residency program threads too?

Anyone who even remotely follows CFB should know of LSU’s reputation and attitude towards misconduct complaints. What an absolute dumpster fire of an institution and a school at large.

-u/SeaHusky (2021)

Glad someone is saying something about this POS med school.

I feel so much relief. I had wanted to say something about it after my interview but I feared for my medical career.

-u/q-neurona (2021)

We couldn’t find online information about how the University administration specifically dealt with these reports, nor can we validate what they say.

But we feel this internet hearsay is still something to be aware of if you plan on applying to this school.

Essential LSU Shreveport Med School Data


LSU does not require a minimum undergraduate GPA, but successful applicants’ average science and total GPA have ranged from 3.6 to 3.7 in the past few years.

A minimum MCAT score also is not required. But the average MCAT score for successful applicants in recent years has been 506.

You can see more on LSU Shreveport’s admission data here.

Match List

This year, 99.3% of LSU Health Shreveport’s applicants matched. 31.2% of the graduating class of 2022 will remain at LSU Health Shreveport for their residency, with 41.8% of students matching at an LSU site. 44.5% of students will stay in Louisiana.

What Are The Entry Requirements For LSU? 

Applicants to LSU Health Shreveport must complete the online AMCAS and LSU Health Shreveport secondary applications. Components of a completed file include:

  • Verified AMCAS application
  • Letters of Recommendation – submitted via AMCAS Letter Service only
  • Submitted Secondary Application
  • Paid application fee or AMCAS fee waiver verification
  • Uploaded photo (requested, but not required)

For coursework, this is what’s required:

Biological Science12
Must include at least 3 hours of Biochemistry lecture
Psychology and Sociology count for 1/3 of the Humanities requirement
Minimum Total Hours90

Early Decision Program

LSU also offers an Early Decision Program (EDP) for exceptionally motivated, capable, and passionate applicants who are sure that LSU Health Shreveport is their first choice. The Admissions Committee reviews EDP applicants in August of the application year.

Internets’ Opinion on LSU Shreveport

Here are some more comments from around the web which stand out regarding the pros and cons of LSU Shreveport Medical School. 

Positive Opinion

1. Students receive the top choice for residency

Everyone who graduates becomes a doctor. Bottom line. I feel as though this survey was for an undergraduate college, however, medical school is very important and we all leave knowing enough to be working. Most students receive their top choice for residency here.

2. Good Environment

Every class is interesting and important and we have great tools to help us succeed, including help for staff. Our class stayed together all four years (125 of us) and we all learned from each other.

Negative Opinion

1. Campus safety issues

[The school] is generally safe but only very near the campus. Otherwise very unsafe at times. Need to be careful at night walking alone.

Conclusion: Is LSU Shreveport A Good Medical School? 

LSU Shreveport might be a good choice for med school. It offers good research opportunities, a combined-degree option, a fair cost of living in North Louisiana, good extracurriculars with the close support of a well-structured student affairs office, and good financial aid options. But there are clear disadvantages, such its prestige, and the fact that it is not very friendly for out-of-the-state.

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