4 Best Family Medicine Anki Decks (2022) 

Family medicine is a common med school and allied health subject and a popular medical specialty.

Studying family medicine from pre-made Anki decks is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to core topics and achieve real mastery over the material.

The digital flashcards in each of the following decks can help you do exactly that!

The Best Family Medicine Decks 

The 4 decks we’ll be looking at are: 

  1. Dorian’s M3 Family Medicine Deck (best for differential diagnoses) 
  2. Hoop’s Drugs with Dosages, Interactions Anki Deck (high yield drugs) 
  3. USPSTF A,B and D Recommendations FM Clerkship (for USPSTF guidelines) 
  4. Aquifer Family Medicine Anki Deck (most comprehensive)

Each of these decks is formatted and structured differently, suiting those with varied learning styles. They also differ in size, meaning some will be faster to run through than others.

We recommend taking a look at each and checking out the card examples first before downloading.

We’ve also included some helpful family medicine learning resources at the end of this article too!

Dorian’s M3 Family Medicine Deck 

Deck Name:Dorian’s M3 Clerkship Deck: Family Medicine
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2019 
Required Plugins:N/A
Download size: 182.9 MB 
Download link: Dorian’s M3 Clerkship Deck: Family Medicine  

Redditor u/Dorian222 covers Family Medicine thoroughly (1894 total cards) in this multi-subject deck. 

It’s based on over 90% of Zanki’s original cards (read this article; What Is The Best Anki Deck For Step 1? to find out more about Zanki – this deck is actually integrated into the latest version of Anking/Zanki) with additions from smaller pre-made decks (Tzanki/Doc/Bros). 

The family medicine deck is based on the following sources:

  • OnlineMedEd
  • UWorld
  • Case Files
  • NBME

This deck consists of short cards focused on pattern recognition. Each card has 1-2 cloze deletions.

Here is a sample card on colorectal cancer screening from Case 1:

Note how the card has the highest yield points briefly outlined (e.g. the FOBT, mode of diagnosis, and how often to repeat procedures). The Extra section at the bottom has useful points to help with understanding. 

A lot of the cards are disease recognition focused (e.g. Symptom 1 + Symptom 2 + Symptom 3). This is useful as the cards compare and contrast similar diseases in the same place, helping you with the differential diagnoses.

All cards have many images/diagrams/mnemonics in the Extra section.

The deck is structured by the following topics:

Here’s how its recommended to work through this deck if you’re on a family medicine clerkship:

  1. As you go through the Family Med clerkship, start watching OnlineMedEd (OME) for an overview and unlock the cards by subdeck topic as you watch the videos
  2. 1-2 weeks into the clerkship, do UWorld questions. Use the browse button to find keywords. Try boiling it down to 1-2 facts per question and unlock those cards
  3. Keep reviewing the cards through the clerkship whenever you’re free

Here’s another flashcard example from Case 42 (Palpitations)…

Knowing the pathophysiology behind pathologies like Wolff Parkinson White syndrome is crucial. Concepts like this are often examined in family medicine so having the image alongside the card is great for helping you remember the mechanism.

As we’ve suggested before, Dorian’s M3 deck is also great for studying surgery (Best Surgery Anki Decks) and psychiatry (Best Psychiatry Anki Decks) too.

Download Dorian’s M3 Clerkship Anki Deck: Family Medicine here  

Hoop’s Drugs with Dosages & Interactions Anki Deck 

Deck Name:Hoop’s Drugs 
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2019 
Required Plugins: N/A
Download size: 136 KB 
Download link: Hoop’s Drugs 

This deck created by u/originalhoopsta contains 866 cards, however, only 101 of these are specific for Family Medicine. It covers the high yield drugs encountered in the latter, as well as in anesthesiology and emergency medicine.

The cards, which are strictly text-based and feature no images, cover contraindications, mechanisms, duration of action, dosages, other names, and other drug interactions. 

Each flashcard has been carefully edited and checked for consistency and accuracy. 

The creator does not use Sketchy in the deck as it is more clinically focused and less board-exam focused. It is targeted more at residents specializing in family med. 

The deck is structured as below: 

Here is an example card on spironolactone: 

All cards are in the format of “describe the clinical use(s) of a certain drug”. Each answer highlights the name of the medication, the type, the dosage recommendations, and the primary clinical uses in medicine. 

Download Hoop’s Drugs Anki deck here 

USPSTF A, B, and D Recommendations: Family Medicine Anki Deck 

Deck Name:USPSTF A, B, and D Recommendations  
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2017 
Required Plugins: N/A
Download size: 12 KB 
Download link: USPSTF A,B and D Recommendations 

This is a relatively older deck consisting of 55 cards useful for US family medicine shelf and clinic exams.

The cards are formatted in basic back-to-front style with simple text prompts. 

Most of the questions are in the form of “Who should be screened?” or “What is the current guideline for a certain pathology?”, in line with the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPTF) primary care guidelines.

Here is a sample card from the deck on the age for colorectal cancer screening…

And here is another example based on the USPSTF guidelines for hypertension: 

Download the USPSTF A,B and D Recommendations Anki Deck here 

Aquifer Family Medicine Anki Deck

Deck Name:Aquifer FM 
Card Format:Basic 
Year of Upload: 2020 
Required Plugins: N/A
Download size: 46.6 MB 
Download link: Aquifer FM 

This is a more recent, comprehensive deck aimed at students studying (or taking exams) based on the Aquifer platform but is also suitable for medical students, physician assistant students, and also nurse practitioner students running through family medicine. 

The Redditor u/95ragtop made the deck using the summaries at the end of each family medicine case in the Aquifer course.

The deck is structured to run alongside the course and is broken down into case chapters:

For students who don’t plan on using Aquifer but still want to study family medicine, you can search for key terms/topics in the browser and unlock those relevant to your area of study.

Here is an example card from Case 3 in the deck: 

And here is another card on Case 25 focused on anatomy (the labrum): 

Download Aquifer FM Anki deck here 

Additional Family Medicine Anki Resources

Aside from the shared decks mentioned above, there is also some regional/exam-specific family medicine Anki decks worth checking out:

Depending on how far into the subject you wish to go, each of these resources goes into varying depth.

Recommended Family Medicine Textbook

Case Files Family Medicine, Fourth Edition

Featuring 60 real-life cases designed for discussion inside of the Family Medicine clerkship, this book has everything high-yield you’ll ever likely need to know. Every case has complete discussions, references, definitions, and valuable USMLE-review questions that can guide you on how to approach clinical problems and maximize your exam scores.



Lecturio has a really solid Family Medicine lecture series that’s just under 9 hours long and made up of 92 individual videos. Running through these, coupled with the 369 quiz questions and 102 articles, is one of the best ways to completely cover the subject.

Check out our Lecturio review here to learn more.

Where To Find More Anki Family Medicine Decks 

We highly recommend going to AnkiWeb.net and r/medicalschoolanki and looking at the family med offerings.

You can filter your results to see the most recent and most relevant pre-made Anki decks via search.

Why Use An Anki Family Medicine Pre-Made Deck?

  1. Excellent free resource
  2. Saves time making your own cards while covering the most high yield principles
  3. Gives you more time to do practice questions!

Top Tips For Using Anki Family Medicine Flashcard Decks 

There can be lots of information on some cards which can be overwhelming. Our top tip is to keep it SIMPLE and make sure you are actively practicing cards on a regular basis. 

Keep reviewing the cards where possible, i.e. once you have finished your set for the day, briefly make a mental note or write down where your study session ended.

If you’re studying from a large multi-subject pre-made Anki deck, make sure you use tags and suspend (ctrl + J) all other cards outside of the usual family med topics.

The same goes for making sure you only cover the topics you’ve already studied in your primary learning resource!

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