4 Best Urology Anki Decks (2021)

Urology is a popular medical specialty and one that requires an intimate knowledge of anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, etc. to succeed.

Studying urology from pre-made Anki decks is one of the best ways to do this.

The digital flashcards in each of the following decks help you memorize the high-yield material needed for success in both the subject and the specialty!

The Best Urology Anki Decks

The 4 decks we’ll be looking at are: 

  1. BIDMC Urology Anki Deck (best for rapid review) 
  2. Pocket Guide to Urology Anki Deck (best for criteria/scoring systems) 
  3. Dope Anatomy/Anettertemy (most comprehensive) 
  4. UroAnki V1 (ongoing project)

Each of these decks is formatted and structured differently, suiting those with varied learning styles. They also differ in size, meaning some will be faster to run through than others.

We recommend taking a look at each and checking out the card examples first before downloading.

We’ve also included some helpful urology learning resources at the end of this article too!

BIDM Urology Anki Deck

Deck Name:BIDMC Urology 
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2019 
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size: 4.8 MB 
Download link: Download BIDMC Urology 

The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre (BIDMC) branch of Urologic Surgery and the Urology Student Anki Group (USAG) collaborated to produce this deck.

It was created as a learning tool for medical students to prepare for sub-internships and postgraduate year 1 (PGY-1). 

Every question has been thoroughly developed and reviewed by professionals in the field, making these cards some of the most reliable and accurate urology learning resources out there.

The deck covers the fundamental urologic concepts and a broad spectrum of pathologies, including topics like:

  • Benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Nephrolithiasis
  • Pediatric UTIs

And more!

The deck is designed as a revision source for doctors passing through BIDM’s own Urology Residency Program.

Here’s an example card…

This card from the “Hematuria” topic describes a 40-year-old female with dark urine and muscle pain whilst preparing for a marathon. The tendency for students to presume a UTI in such cases is high. It is beneficial to know that in this context, rhabdomyolysis is the primary suspect for the symptoms!

The fact that each flashcard also shows the appropriate management steps for each urology-related pathology is also important.

Here’s another sample card from the deck…

Diagnosis of prostate carcinoma is a high-yield concept to understand in urology. There are several intricate details to know; i.e. staging depends on how palpable the cancer is on a digital rectal examination etc.

A misconception many students have in the subject is that only infection can present as urinary retention in patients. But this is a myth! Many cases of acute urinary retention occur on a daily basis.

The card below, from the deck’s “Urologic Emergencies” subtopic, emphasizes crucial points like this…

If you’re looking for a rapid yet professional review of urology, this is the deck for you!

Download BIDMC Urology here 

Pocket Guide to Urology Anki Deck

Deck Name:Pocket Guide to Urology
Card Format:Basic 
Year of Upload: 2019 
Required Plugins: N/A 
Download size: 401 KB 
Download link: Download Pocket Guide to Urology Anki

This deck is based on the 6th edition of the book Pocket Guide to Urology written by Jeff Wieder. 

Used by more than 90% of Urology residency applicants (according to a survey done in 2013 by Harvard Medical School), this resource is considered the “gold standard” when it comes to a comprehensive study of the specialty.

The AUA residents committee in 2011 reported that the guide was ranked in the top 3 most useful educational materials by residents in the Mid Atlantic section. It is used by many urology residents and students within their curriculum. 

It also has the seal of approval by Ganesh Palapattu, the Chief of Urologic Oncology at the University of Michigan: 

“[This] book is required reading for our Michigan residents! Truly the VERY best Urology reference book I have ever seen.” 

At 2700 plus flashcards, this is definitely the most comprehensive urology flashcard Anki deck on this list – and definitely enough to help pass your med school or residency exams.

Cards are formatted simply in the “basic” back-to-front format…

The card above shows us an ideal candidate for TUNA therapy – transurethral needle ablation of the prostate (used to treat BPH).

Other cards are more relevant to deeper concepts in the specialty, making it great for residency review.

Having nice mnemonics like this (cribbed from Pocket Urology as a resource), allow you to make important differential diagnoses for particular pathologies (in this case hematuria).

Download Pocket Guide to Urology Anki here

Dope Anatomy/Anettermy for Urology Anatomy

Deck Type:General Anatomy 
Cards:300+ Urology-focused cards
Card Format: Basic 
Year of Upload: 2018  
Required Plugins: Image Occlusion 
Download size: 87 MB 
Download link: Download Dope Anatomy/Annetermy 

If you’re looking for a deck to quickly review the anatomical foundations of Urology, this is the Anki deck for you.

It is part of a three-deck series with Medical Science and Clinical Medicine.

We go into them all in more detail in this article; 7 Best Anatomy Anki Decks.

There is additionally a useful update on the decks which overhauls the tagging system. This allows you to focus only on the sections appropriate for you and in whatever order you wish – meaning you can forego the other sections and focus on the urogenital and renal systems.

The format of the cards is a mix between cloze and image occlusion.

Here’s an example of a urology-based card from the deck…

The deck as a whole covers all organ systems and is 3000+ cards deep. Make sure you suspend all the cards related to other organ systems first before you dive into reviewing urological anatomy.

Download Dope Anatomy/Annetermy here 

UroAnki V1. 

Redditor UroAnki is looking for medical students and residents who are interested in collaborating on building a comprehensive Anking Urology deck focused on Campbell Walsh Wein Urology (12th edition).

The project aims to be continually updated by urology students and residents, made easy to use with convenient tagging and subcategorization. The flashcards aim to provide exact screenshots from the source material so students can trust the information. 

UroAnki also plans on building out the deck by adding additional sources to cards including information and images from Urology Pocket Guide/Hinman’s Urologic Atlas. 

This is an excellent opportunity for students wishing to collaborate and build (what could be) a one-size-fits-all urology Anki resource.

To read more about the project, get involved, and check for updates/releases, be sure to check out the link below.

UroAnki V1

Additional Urology Resources

There are several other platforms for learning urology besides Anki for those of you who are interested.

Depending on how far into the subject you wish to go, each of these resources goes into varying depth.

Recommended Urology Textbooks

Although it’s not necessary to study the subject from textbooks, the following recommendations can be a nice supplement to digital flashcards.

So much so that some of the decks above have been built around them!

Smith & Tanagho’s General Urology

Offering a complete overview of the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders managed by urologic surgeons, this book is one of the best organized and most user-friendly outside of the other resources mentioned above.

The 1,000 plus illustrations and figures make it a lot more visual than Urology Pocket Guide and the like too.

MCQ’s in Urology

Next to digital flashcard-based study, doing as many practice questions as you can find on the topic is the best way to reach mastery and improve exam scores.

This book has over 650 MCQs on urology as a specialty, each with comprehensive explanations and relevant figures and tables.

Great for preparing for postgrad exams for Fellowships, Boards, and everything else.


EMPIRE Urology

EMPIRE Urology has put a ton of its residency-focused lectures online for viewing via YouTube.

Their playlist features over 70 lectures (between 45 mins to an hour) covering all the core topics of the specialty.

Well worth checking out!

Where To Find More Anki Urology Decks 

We highly recommend going on Reddit and searching the r/medicalschoolanki community.

You can filter your results to see the most recent and most relevant pre-made Anki urology decks for your studies.

Why Use An Anki Urology Pre-Made Deck?

  1. Excellent free resource
  2. Saves time making your own cards while covering the most high yield principles

Top Tips For Using Anki Urology Flashcard Decks 

There can be lots of information on some cards which can be overwhelming. Our top tip is to keep it SIMPLE and make sure you are actively practicing cards on a regular basis. 

Keep reviewing the cards where possible, i.e. once you have finished your set for the day, briefly make a mental note or write down where your study session ended.

If you’re studying from a large multi-subject pre-made Anki deck, make sure you use tags and suspend (ctrl + J) all other cards outside of urology topics.

Related Anki Questions

If you’re not familiar with Anki, I recommend checking out The Anking YouTube channel.

Here’s a good primer (as well as a good intro on what they offer) below…

This offers many useful tutorials and tips for Anki users. It’s primarily designed for med students but the content is just as good for students in other fields.


Why Do I Have To Go To Reddit/Ankiweb To Download?

Reddit/Ankiweb is where these decks are uploaded and shared. The original users deserve credit and the opportunity to be thanked for their hard work.

The files for these decks are hosted in these threads created by the deck’s creator.

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