Is NYU A Good Medical School? (Major Pros & Cons)

NYU Grossman School of Medicine, part of NYU Langone Health, is one of the only medical colleges in the US to offer free tuition fees. Ranked at No.2 in US News Best Graduate Schools, let’s see if it lives up to its prestigious title. 

Is NYU A Good Medical School? 

Yes, NYU is a good medical school. With a tri-fold mission of patient care, free medical education, and scientific research, NYU is a pioneer in the modern approach to teaching medicine. Disadvantages such as NYC’s expensive living costs and the school’s low acceptance rates are factors that may not make it for everyone, however.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into its potential pros and cons, and hopefully help you decide if it’s worth applying here.

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Why NYU Medical School? Major Pros 

1. Dynamic Curriculum 

NYU has a dynamic curriculum tailored to the 21st century and the ever-growing demands of medicine. 

The course spans 18 months of basic science and 2.5 years of clinical training. 

The Institute for Innovations in Medical Education launched the “Healthcare By The Numbers” program. It aims to educate students on the importance of public data and how analysis can improve the quality of clinical care within communities. 

2. Full tuition scholarship 

As mentioned previously, every student enrolled in the MD degree receives a full-tuition scholarship. 

This encourages students to pursue their interests as opposed to restricting them to what their financial situation dictates. 

Very important considering the cost of living in NYC (more on this later).

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3. Multiple routes available 

NYU offers several different programs including: 

4. Good faculty-student ratio 

With a faculty student ratio of 2.5:1 and 1023 full-time faculty staff members, assistance will always be readily available. 

5. Growth opportunities & Interest Groups

The world is your oyster at NYU with students having a variety of routes to take. 

One such example is the “School of Medicine Honors Program” for those wishing to expand their interests. It requires 18 weeks of scientific research and a written thesis.

Students can also choose from over 50 clubs to join, ranging from sports to academics.

6. Diversity 

NYU medicine actively promotes and places emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. 

A roadmap was curated with the vision of increasing diversity in the field of medicine. 

The plan is open to change as the college progresses toward these goals.

Read more about the roadmap here

7. Mentoring 

All students are eligible for help from faculty advisors and peer mentors. 

Juniors can access resources to help enrich their learning and can join the one-on-one “Mentoring Champions” program.

8. Postgraduate support  

One of the many ways NYU medical school supports students after graduation is the Scientific Training Enhancement Program (STEP)

It has been designed with 3 goals in mind: career planning, developing professional skills, and transitioning into a new career. 

It helps individuals boost their personal portfolios and become more competitive candidates in the world of healthcare.

Why NYU Medical School? Major Cons 

1. Low acceptance rates & competition

Statistically, with a 2.1% acceptance rate, NYU is one of the most competitive medical schools in the US. The median GPA for the class of 2025 was 3.96.

You’re going to have to be top-tier academically to stand a chance of admission.

2. Living costs & extra expenses

Despite the free tuition, the general cost of living in NYC is expensive. Do not expect to spend below $40,000 annually on accommodation, boards, and books.

3. MMI-style interviews  

This format of med school interview can be seen as either positive or negative. 

Many skills are tested and applied in different scenarios, requiring students to work quickly yet efficiently under time pressure. 

Some examples of the mini stations included in an interview are data analysis, breaking bad news to someone, or testing your knowledge of current affairs.

You’ll have to be at the top of your game to stand out.

4. Overcrowding 

As one can imagine from the “Big Apple”, university campuses are extremely busy and tend to become overcrowded. 

5. Climate

NYC is subject to extreme cold weather so be prepared and bring plenty of suitable clothing.

6. Exam scheduling  

Regular exams are held every 2 weeks. 

Students who learn the seminar content throughout the semester will breeze through these biweekly exams. 

Others who prefer consolidating their learning at the end of the semester may need to adapt their studying techniques.

Key NYU Medical School Data

NYU’s Match List

As you’d expect, NYU has a fantastic match rate (greater than 98 percent).

For the class of 2021, 24 students went into Internal Medicine and 9 to Psychiatry out of a total of 109 graduates. 

See the full match list here.

90% of students continue training in primary care disciplines, 40% continue training at NYU Langone and 50% continue training in New York State. 

How Many Applicants Does NYU Medical School Get?

For the Class of 2026, there were a staggering 8361 applicants with only 103 matriculants. 

That’s an incredibly low acceptance rate, telling you just how competitive NYU Medical School is.

If You Study At NYU For Pre-Med Do You Increase Your Chance of Admission?

Unfortunately no. We couldn’t find any statistical advantage that makes you more competitive having completed pre-med at NYU.

We go into this in further detail in this article; Is NYU Good For Pre-Med? (Everything You Need To Know)

How Long Does It Take To Hear Back From NYU?

Anyone planning on applying to the MD degree program should do so as early as possible. Typically, all MD applicants will be notified of admissions decisions by January. 

To see the full application schedule and admissions timeline, see here

What are the entry requirements for NYU? 

  • Be a US citizen or have DACA status
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the US or Canada 
  • MCAT is required for all applicants. The average MCAT score among matriculants was 522. 

Want to know more about how to enter NYU Medical School? The video below has some great pointers…

Are there any prerequisites for NYU Medical School?

NYU Med does not have strict prerequisites. However, they do recommend the following courses: 

  1. Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry with lab 
  2. General biology + physics with lab 
  3. Statistics 
  4. Genetics 
  5. English 

See their admissions page here for a full breakdown of requirements and prereqs.

Is NYU A Good Medical School? Internet’s Opinion 

Here are some comments from Reddit which stood out regarding the pros and cons of NYU Medical School. 

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Positive opinion on NYU Medical School

1. They provide you with the opportunity to travel abroad  

“NYU’s Study Abroad Program is AMAZING. If you choose to go there, you should definitely take advantage of this”  

– u/arctic_moss 

For more on this, check out NYU Medicine’s International Health Program.

2. Excellent careers department  

“NYU has a great career services department in the Wasserman centre. Everyday it seems like they host job fairs and OCR. ” 

– u/arctic_moss   

3. Prestige

“The name of the college itself is prestigious and holds weight on a resume. There’s also a long list of movies and other cultural references that nod to it – which is a fun source of personal pride” 

Karina R. Dixon via Quora

Negative Opinion on NYU Medical School

1. No central location

“Because the campus is spread throughout the city, there isn’t the feeling of one main location. It’s common to know students at NYU and never run into them day-to-day. 

Karina R. Dixon via Quora

Conclusion: Is NYU A Good Medical School? 

NYU is an excellent option for academically strong students able to compete for a spot at one of the most competitive medical schools on earth. Its extensive links with groups like Bellevue Hospital Medical College, exceptional match rate, and dynamic medical curriculum, make it deserving of its standing as the 2nd best graduate school in the US. 

Curious about NYU Medicine? Check out the promo video below…

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