Bulge in Your Scrubs? Important Questions Answered!

The scrub bulge. Some male healthcare workers don’t care, others do. But just how big of a problem is it?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the scrub bulge issue, answer the most important questions, and hopefully help dispel important advice to those desperate dudes in need.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • If a bulge in your scrubs is OK
  • Going commando in scrubs
  • What you can do to help stop it

Balls-to-the-wall, let’s start our adventure!

Is It Normal To Have A Bulge In Your Scrubs?

A bulge is completely normal, however, in a professional nursing, doctor, EMT, or other healthcare environment, it might not always be ideal.

If a patient or colleague cops an eyeful of your bulge, it can’t always be assumed it’ll “go down” in good faith.

You can’t really ask why they’re looking there, and it’s probably best not to “raise” the subject.

Still, a lot of male healthcare workers experience a bulge, and some (we call them lucky specimens) are probably more “challenged” in this area than others.

But as long as having male genitalia is normal, having a bulge is too.

And it could even be a positive if you work in orthopedics, where “asserting dominance” is perfectly acceptable. Apparently.

I’m A Female With A Bulge, Is That OK?

Of course, the whole bulge situation doesn’t just apply to men. Women can be just as visible too.

Having a bulge is also fine if you’re a female health worker. And can barely be helped at all if you’re pregnant!

It’s probably more in your head than it is anyone else’s (something that applies to both sexes).

Hopefully, the tips at the end of this article can provide help if you’re still worried.

Will Looser Scrubs Help Hide My Bulge?

Looser scrubs could be the secret to stopping the bulge. But not always.

Depending on the contour and design of the scrubs, it’s no guarantee it’ll help mask the problem. Still, going a few sizes up might be worth experimenting with.

Are Tight Scrubs Unprofessional?

Here’s where we think this could be setting-dependent.

On a pediatrics ward? Probably yes.

On an emergency ward? Probably OK.

Where tight scrubs could potentially become a problem is in the degree of their “fit”.

Walk around with a bunch of things in your pocket (phone, beeper, etc.), and things could get a whole lot trickier. Those extra objects? Definitely draw the eye-line.

Judge the situation. Be honest about your bulge. Act accordingly.

Should You Go Commando In Scrubs?

Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to work out before they head to work but may be prone to “mistakenly forgetting” an extra pair of underwear. Or maybe you’re just a “free baller” (look it up at you’re own discretion, but yes, it’s a thing).

Either way; should you go commando in scrubs?

Basically, there’s no strict rule here (unless hospital policy dictates). Comfort is down to the individual. Personal choice too.

If you feel OK going commando in scrubs, then we can’t see it being THAT big of a deal.

You’re there to help save lives. Not to have your junk judged.

How to Hide The Bulge In Your Scrubs

Here’s some practical advice for those seriously concerned who don’t want to cause any balls-up…

Change Your Underwear 

This is one of the easiest ways to camouflage your bulge. Many would think going without a pair will help, but this worsens the problem or does nothing! Boxer shorts are also ineffective as they are too loose to hold anything in place. 

1. Normal Briefs With Elastic

Normal briefs with elastic may help you minimize the bulge. However, you must be careful not to buy too small a size as it may hurt and cause discomfort. 

2. Compression Underwear

Compression underwear is a popular choice when trying to hide a bulge. Compression underwear or shorts keep everything in place and protect your goods from bunching or rubbing, allowing you to hide that bulge and focus on your patients. 

And for your patients to focus on you!

This underwear lightly squeezes the muscles without discomfort. Most compression underwear is made from a mixture of materials such as spandex, nylon, and polyester. They’re also breathable!

3. Pouch Underwear

Another option you can try is pouch underwear. 

Pouch underwear has a special pouch that separates (whatever is causing that, ahem, bulge) from the thighs. While boxer briefs have this pouch too, you are at risk of bunching everything up, which causes more of a bulge.  

Work On Your Posture

Posture can also play a role in a scrub bulge, although it’s not that obvious.

How you choose to sit or stand can make a difference in how much bulge is shown. When you lean back, your hips are more forward, which shows more of a bulge. 

This bad posture may train your pelvis into tilting back, which raises the bulge forward and up. To avoid this, try standing straight while keeping your hips square. Keep your shoulders back too. This will do wonders for your back as well!

Your pelvis can also tilt if you slouch when you sit (a necessary evil of many healthcare professions). This means your bulge might be even more prominent when you sit. You should sit upright to avoid this, as it allows everything to hang more naturally. 

*Doctors Only Tip* Grab A White Coat

A doctor’s trusty white coat can also help mask any bulge. As can surgical capes and gowns if you’re lucky enough to work in the operating room.

What Else Can I Do About My Ill-Fitting Scrubs?

One last tip is that you can opt for darker-colored scrubs. Yep, even color matters! Lighter colors bring more attention to your pants, especially when you’re dealing with a bulge. If possible, you should combine compression underwear with a darker color of scrubs. 

And, if you’re really worried (and don’t want to take any of this advice), it’s probably best to just own it.

Getting gossiped about, in a male healthcare worker’s role at least, is much better than being talked about due to any medical incompetency!