How To Get Into NYU Medical School (Reddit’s 7 Best Tips!)

Reddit’s r/premed and r/medicalschool communities are a neat source of information for pre-meds. But filtering through all the information you find there can take a while. Luckily this series does that for you!

In this article, we’ll be looking at Reddit’s opinion on how best to get into NYU Medical School.

One of the few tuition-free schools in the U.S and also, for that reason, possibly one of the most competitive, getting into NYU is no easy feat. So maybe the opinions and insight of Reddit can give us a slightly different take on the admissions process.

Hopefully, you can find some neat points here to help you best prepare.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

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How To Get Into NYU Medicine: Reddit’s Best Tips

1. Stats are everything

NYU, from my anecdotal experience, seems to prefer some stat-heavy applicants (3.9GPAs/520 MCATs) so that would be first and foremost what you’d need to aim for. Just remember, a lot of people don’t get in that range for either GPA or MCAT, and don’t kick yourself if you’re not one of those people.


Yes, it’s rather obvious but stats are everything when it comes to first getting your foot in the door.

NYU med even states this directly in their admissions requirements on their website.

The median and average undergraduate GPAs for students in our most recent incoming class were 3.96 and 3.92, respectively…The median and average MCAT scores among students in our most recent incoming class were both 522.


Perhaps don’t consider applying if you’re nowhere near that.

2. Look for impactful volunteer experience

I also had high stats, and obviously so does everyone I’ve talked to who was admitted. However, I do think that they are willing to accept “lower” stat applicants with a compelling life story or who have other things, such as deep research or genuinely impactful volunteer experience.


Diverse or unusual volunteer experiences can score extra points. Think outside the box when it comes to the types of organizations and institutions you can get involved with. NYU wants to see interesting stories.

3. Differentiate yourself

My best advice is to get a high GPA. That’s crucial: stats are very important. Also, you should try to create a hook to differentiate yourself somewhat. For example, I volunteered extensively in the LGBT community, especially in HIV clinics and LGBT homeless youth centers, and that provided a crucial aspect of my app. Also, get a high MCAT.


Any way that you can differentiate yourself and show a diversity of experience could add an extra element to your application.

Just make sure you’re able to convey that difference in words inside of your personal statement.

4. Aim for 2 years plus research and volunteer experience

I got an II to NYU…stats and extracurriculars; 4.0 GPA, 519 MCAT, a biomedical engineering major with about 2 years research in one lab, clinical volunteering for 2 years and shadowed one doctor for over 1 month. I also had some leadership and non-clinical volunteering experience. Now currently taking a gap year as a scribe.


Although there’s no direct rule on the number of research/volunteering hours, NYU applicants suggest more is typically better.

Start as early as you can with volunteer, research, and shadowing programs if you hope to apply here.

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5. Consider a STEM major

I majored in biochemistry with a minor in mathematics! I volunteered a lot, especially with LGBT groups in NYC, and conducted research that I got published for, and was student editor at one of Columbia’s scientific journals.


STEM majors have the added advantage of covering most med school prerequisites and reducing your undergrad workload. In NYU’s case, there could also be some favoritism for STEM grads at stake.

It’s far from conclusive but the number of anecdotes from STEM grads is high.

6. Never underestimate the power of connections/networking

So I’ve worked at NYU Medical Center for several years (research and clinical research). My PI(s) are pretty well-known NYU faculty. A few months ago one of them said he would go to bat for me and talk to some of the admissions people, but emphasized that it was “extremely unlikely” to help since my GPA is way too low. Today I got an II.


Although the idea of courtesy interviews could come into play, a school like NYU rarely takes the time to sit down with prospective students unless they have something interesting in their application.

If the importance of undertaking extracurriculars was ever in doubt, this case can hopefully prove otherwise.

You never know what doors colleagues or connections can help open.

7. Accept it can be something of a mystery

They’re insanely selective. I have several friends who were rejected post interview that were exceptional candidates. I honestly do not know what they want from an applicant.


At the end of the day, just as it is with most top 20 med schools, there’s a huge element of luck at play in regard to your application.

With NYU going tuition-free, the caliber of applicants is as high as ever. Some years, admissions rounds may simply be too competitive to ever hope to stand out.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of information on what’s expected from NYU medicine out there on the web but a lot of it is rather unclear.

Hopefully, the article above has given you a couple of extra points to think about other than the standard admissions criteria you’ll see and read everywhere!

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