16 Hospital Volunteer Opportunities In Los Angeles! (2021)

There’s a ton of hospital volunteer programs and medical volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles for people looking to give back and learn.

Here we’ll take a look at 10 of the best in LA city itself and 6 in the surrounding area.

Before we get into the list of hospital volunteer programs in Los Angeles, make sure you check out our other city guides and find more hospital volunteer opportunities near you.

List of Hospital Volunteer Opportunities In Los Angeles

Adventist Health White Memorial

Adventist Health offers many rewarding volunteer opportunities that can help make a real difference to the lives of their patients, visitors and staff.

Volunteers must be at least 14.5 years of age, be able to provide a reference and commit to 100 hours of volunteer service to recieve a Certificate of Service.


Cope Health Scholars

Cope Health Scholars works in partnership with UCLA to offer people paid first hand experience in a variety of health care settings across several LA-based hospitals and clinics.

As a scholar you’ll get to decide if a career in health care is right for you, fulfill clinical hours for applications and gain both insight and experience.

The program is offered year-round with most individuals graduating after 15 months and 250 hours of field experience.


UCLA Medical Center Volunteers

UCLA has numerous medical and healthcare volunteer opportunities throughout its centers in Los Angeles.

Some programs have an age requirement but there are lots of other programs for high schoolers and others age under 18 years.


Clinica Romero

Founded in 1983 by Salvadoran refugees, Clinica Romero has regular volunteer placements opening up for anyone interested in lending a helping hand.

Volunteers should fill out an application, attend an info session and provide a photo ID. Email via the contact below with a resume and cover letter.


Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles

Kaiser Permanente offers volunteer placements for people committed to a minimum of 200 service hours over a year. Applicants must be 18 or over.

Volunteers donate hours of service in over 40 departments including patient are units, outpatient services and pediatric departments.


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Each year more than 500 compassionate individuals from the LA city community volunteer more than 90,000 hours across 100+ areas of the Children’s Hospital.

Many volunteers work directly with patients through opportunities like assisting in playrooms, reading to children, playing with patients in waiting rooms and escorting patients to hospital appointments.


UMMA Community Clinic

UMMA takes general volunteers (high schoolers, undergraduated and graduates), medical students and licenced health practicioners.

Students will get the opportunity to participate in patient chart reviews, patient vitals, research, event planning, patient surveys and more.


Health Services Los Angeles County – Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Services department of Health Services Los Angeles Country places volunteers (high schoolers, college students, med students etc.) across a range of programs in the area.

Volunteers must commit to six months of volunteering done in one or two 4 hour shifts per week.


Aids Health Foundation

A global nonprofit, Aids Health Foundation offers volunteer placements for anyone interested in helping affected patients and their families. There is also an important at-home program running too (meaning you can gain volunteer experience remotely).

Aids Project LA also welcomes volunteers in positions like client access, food pantry, nutrition and events.


Los Angeles Christian Health Centers

LA Christian Health takes volunteers willing to work and help out across a number of their healthcare centers and hospitals.


Hospital Volunteer Opportunities Near Los Angeles

The following programs run within 20 miles of Los Angeles.

Alhambra Hospital

Alhambra Hospital offers volunteer opportunities for high schoolers, college students and adults at its 144-bed, general acute care hospital.


Asian Pacific Health Care Venture (APHCV)

APHCV runs several internship and volunteering programs at its various centers in LA and the surrounding area. Departments looking for help inlcude clinical, health education and outreach.


Covenant House California

Covenant House California runs volunteer programs in hospitals and clinics in both LA and the Bay area.


Huntington Hospital

Based in Pasadena, Huntington Hospital has a range of volunteer opportunities in departments such as patient relations and nursing stations. There’s also a high school volunteer program.


Monterey Park Hospital

Monterey Park takes on volunteers willing to help enhance their quality of care and become part of the team and develop new skills.

The program is available for anyone aged 15 and over.


Young & Healthy

Young & Healthy is looking for professional volunteers (those already with healthcare skills) looking to give back and provide care to children and young people in need.

The initiative is based out of Pasadena.



Los Angeles is a fantastic city to gain valuable medical and hospital volunteering experience.

The opportunities above can hopefully help get you started!

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Related Questions

Why Volunteer In Los Angeles?

Volunteering in a health care capacity in LA can have a positive impact on the community.

The skills, connections and friends you make in any of the roles above, is something that’ll stay with you for a long time.

The experience also looks great on applications for healthcare-related degrees.

Who Are These Volunteer Opportunities For?

These volunteer opportunities are broad and open to people from all backgrounds.

Summer programs are generally for highschoolers looking to get a taste of healthcare fields while general volunteering positions are available to both students and professionals.

Check that you meet the criteria and eligibility for each opportunity first.