Best USMLE Step III/COMLEX II Anki decks

The United State Medical Licensing Examination is the last step to becoming a licensed practicing physician. 

To reach the USMLE Step III, you would have had to complete the Step 1 and 2 and have already become ECFMG certified. 

The COMLEX is another examination demonstrating competency in clinical sciences. 

If you’re planning to take any of these tests, having the proper Anki decks to help can ease the stress and anxiety. 

Best USMLE Step III/Comlex II Anki Decks 

The six decks we’ll be covering are 

  1. Hoop and Ruck’s Step 3 Anki Deck
  2. Doran Step 3 Anki Deck
  3. Nic’s Step 3 Anki Deck 
  4. Medicine Doc Anki Deck 
  5. Psychiatry Doc Anki Deck 
  6. OBGYN Doc Anki Deck 
  7. Dirty OMM Anki Deck 

Each deck has a different structure and format, so it’s important to understand whether or not it suits your learning style. 

We’ll cover the basics of what’s in these decks and who they are for. 

Hoop and Ruck’s Step 3 Anki Deck

Deck NameHoop and Ruck’s Step 3 
Cards 9322 cards 
Card Format Basic
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None 
Download Size1.1GB
Download LinkHoop and Ruck’s Step 3 

Redditor’s u/originalhoopster and u/Ruckamongus have compiled the most comprehensive deck for USMLE stage 3. All cards come in an easy-to-study Q and A format with Zanki style. 

It spans through an array of topics, such as: 

  • Pediatrics 
  • Internal Medicine 
  • OBGYN 
  • Surgery 
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology 
  • Nephrology 
  • Heme/Onc
  • Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine 
  • Hematology/Medical Oncology

With this deck, you’ll receive flow charts to help better contextualize the material. 

The primary focus of the deck centers around diagnoses. For example, you’ll have to determine whether the patient has a migraine or tension/cluster headache. This is incredibly important since the treatment varies depending on the diagnostics. 

A rapid review section offers short answers, making it extremely useful for oral exams. 

Dorian Step 3 Anki Deck

Deck NameDorian Step 3
Cards 2796 cards 
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None 
Download Size2.4GB
Download LinkDorian Step 3

Dorian Step 3 Anki Deck takes many concepts from the UWorld Step 3 module, UWorld PDF, UWorld self-assessment, AMBOSS, and Crush Step 3 CCS. 

Various topics are covered, from allergy and immunology to cardiology and ENT. 

Here are some of the subcategories and the corresponding cards to them. 

One of the main advantages of using this deck is its practice test questions to help you better prepare for the USMLE. 

You can refer to the categories anytime and systematically study one topic at a time. Then take the practice tests to see how well you perform. 

Nic’s Step 3 Anki Deck 

Deck NameNic’s Step 3 
Cards 484 cards 
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None
Download Size14.29 MB
Download LinkNic’s Step 3 

Found on AnkiWeb, this deck is one of the lesser-known ones. It’s not as comprehensive; however, it’s a concise deck that gives useful tidbits that can help you with factual information. 

This short deck is great for studying all the infections, diagnoses, and treatments from various areas of the body.

Most questions offer fill-in-the-black answers, allowing for fast recall and memorization. 

With only 484 cards, it’s a great way to give yourself a refresher. 

Some flashcards offer diagrams allowing you to ingrain these concepts into your brain visually. 

Internal Medicine Clerkship Doc Anki Deck 

Deck NameInternal Medicine Clerkship Doc 
Cards 2713 cards 
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins N/A
Download Size185M
Download LinkMedicine Doc 

This Internal Medicine Clerkship deck is designed to help students shine during rounds. Made by the Redditor u/DocZay, it compiles information from a UWorld Deck, Step-Up to Medicine, OnlineMedEd, and AMBoss. 

This deck’s flawless organization walks you through disease recognization, various diagnoses, and treatments. The cards are concise, high-yield, and focused on the first-line treatment option for each condition. 

The deck strikes a balance between overly detailed and overly simplified, giving you enough information to help you pass USMLE step 3. 

It’s also extremely useful to help you prepare for internal medicine clerkship. 

Psychiatry Clerkship Anki Deck

Deck NamePsychiatry Clerkship 
Cards 1099 cards
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins N/A
Download Size23.9 MB
Download LinkPsychiatry Doc 

Also created by Redditor u/DocZay, this deck is based on the first aid for Psychiatry clerkship, OME, and uWorld. 

This particular deck does an amazing job of covering all psychiatric pathology systematically. It helps you look at the diagnostic criteria, epidemiology, course and prognosis, and treatment for each disease. 

Many cards in the deck feature a rapid review format, where there is only one fact per card via a cloze format. 

It’s also formatted simplistically, letting you contextualize facts and provide high-yield takeaways. 

Obgyn Clerkship Doc Anki Deck  

Deck NameObgyn Doc 
Cards 1503 cards 
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None 
Download Size42.45 MB
Download LinkObgyn Doc 

These Anki cards are based on high-yield OBGYN information with an outline-based organization. The goal of this deck is to guide you through commonly tested OBGYN pathology. 

There are clinical situations that provide a patient snapshot. Then you’re required to provide proper diagnoses, care, and treatment. These high-yield situations are typically tested on the USMLE Step III and COMLEX II exams.

Keep in mind that this deck automatically adds to the two previous clerkship decks from u/DocZay. This means you’ll want to either browse through the categories or delete the previous two decks so that you can isolate your studying. 

Dirty Medicine OMM Anki Deck 

Deck NameOMM 
Cards 243 
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2021
Required Plugins N/A
Download Size12.71 MB
Download LinkOMM

A Redditor named HopefulRad compiled an entire OMM deck based on Dirty Medicine youtube videos and a pre-clinical deck, “Turn up to 2 OMT.” 

Dirty Medicine offers a free OMM/COMLEX video series comprised of 23 videos going over all of the fundamentals of OMT. 

These flashcards cover topics such as: 

  • Viscerosomatic Reflexes and Autonomics 
  • Cervical Spine 
  • Thoracic Spine 
  • Upper Extremity 
  • Lower Extremity 
  • Low Back Pathology 
  • Scoliosis 
  • Leg Length Discrepancy
  • OMM in Pregnancy 
  • OMM//OMT/Osteopathic Medicine 
  • Chapman Points 

These flashcards have short answers, giving you a quick recall. With only 243 cards, it’s easy to learn and ingrain these ideas into your mind quickly. 

Some questions are fill-in-the-blank, asking you to recall specific terminology. Others require you to understand where certain conditions occur in the spine.