Best Clinical Medicine Anki Decks

Using Anki Decks to learn about clinical terms will allow you to be prepared for patient care and working with your designated physician. You’ll learn the fundamentals of clinical topics, so nothing will feel unfamiliar when you’re out in the field. 

We’ll cover the best clinical Anki Decks, so you can brush up on clinical knowledge before you enter real-world patient care. 

Best Clinical medicine Anki Decks

Let’s take a closer look at the following Anki Decks: 

  1. Dope 2 – Clinical Medicine Anki Deck
  2. Groovernaculum’s Clinical Rapid Anki Deck 
  3. De Virgilio’s Surgery Anki Deck
  4. Dope 1 – Medical Science Anki Deck 
  5. Cheesy Dorian V2 Anki Deck 
  6. Zanki Step 2 Deck 

Every deck is structured differently, making it suitable for many learning styles. They vary in the number of flashcards, so some will be easier to finish than others.

Dope 2 – Clinical Medicine Anki Deck

Deck NameDope 2 – 
Cards 17k cards
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2018
Required Plugins N/A
Download Size107M
Download LinkDope 2 

With 17,000 flashcards, it’s one of the most comprehensive clinical decks you’ll find. This is great for students looking to learn about anatomy and clinical medicine. 

The primary topics that are covered in the Anki deck are: 

  • De Virgilio’s A Case-Based Clinical Review 
  • FA for USMLE, 2017 edition 
  • Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 
  • Greenberg’s Neurosurgery
  • Pediatrics at a glance
  • Pestana
  • Paul Bolin crash series 
  • Surgical Recall 
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 
  • Kaplan lecture notes for Clinical Medicine 

Here’s a sample from the deck. You receive very in-depth answers, and it’s a great deck to learn all about anatomy, which is useful before beginning clinical work. 

Groovernaculum’s Clinical Rapid Anki Deck 

Deck NameGroovernaculum FA 2CK 9th Ed. Rapid Review
Cards 866
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2016
Required Plugins N/A
Download Size42.7 MB
Download LinkGroovernaculum’s Clinical Rapid

Groovernaculum’s clinical rapid deck is ideal for students learning about patients’ health conditions. 

It’ll provide comprehensive information on the diagnosis and treatments for those conditions. 

These cards use colors, bold, underlined, and italicized, along with images to help concepts better stick. 

Some examples of the topics covered are: 

  • Diagnosis of hypertension 
  • Treat for Diabetes insipidus 
  • Maternal mortality ratio 

De Virgilio’s Surgery Anki Deck

Deck NameDe Virgilio’s Surgery Anki Deck 
Cards 1645 cards
Card Format Basic
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None
Download Size10 MB
Download LinkDe Virgilio’s Surgery

The surgery deck was created based on the “Surgery: A Case-Based Clinical Review” by Christian de Virgilio. 

Due to its many short “cloze” cards, it’s highly useful for fast recall. And on top of every flashcard, it’ll show the chapter textbook where the information can be found. When you want to go further in-depth on a topic, you can gain clarity by referring to the corresponding section in the textbook. 

Furthermore, this deck is perfect for refreshing your memory with theoretical information. This can be helpful for students on surgical rotations. 

The primary categories you’ll find in this deck are 

  • Acute care
  • Breast skin
  • Cardio
  • Endocrine
  • Orthopedic
  • Head neck
  • Hepatopancreaticobilary
  • Lower-GI
  • Neurosurgery
  • Pediatric 
  • Complications 
  • Trauma 
  • Upper GI Bleed 
  • Urology 
  • Vascular 

Dope 1 Medical Science 

Deck NameDope 1 Medical Science 
Cards 25,000+ cards 
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None, but an optional tagging update 
Download Size83.3 MB
Download LinkDope 1 

This Anki deck is best for students looking to learn the human body’s general anatomy and body structures. While it may not provide diagnosis or treatment information, it’s a precursor for clinical studies. 

These flashcards are ideal for building on existing knowledge from Nolte’s Neuroanatomy. 

These flashcards are ideal for building on your existing knowledge from Nolte’s Neuroanatomy. It offers tagging add-ons, making it simple to work with anatomy sections like the sub-category muscles or lower limbs. 

Pair this deck with the Dope 2 Clinical Medicine for a comprehensive overview of anatomy and the common conditions of the body.

Cheesy Dorian V2 Anki Deck 

Deck NameCheesy Dorian V2 
Cards 11650
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None 
Download Size1.0 G
Download LinkCheesy Dorian V2

The Cheesy Dorian V2 deck is one of the most thorough decks on clinical medicine. With 11,650 cards, you’ll learn a wide variety of clinical topics. For example, the latest version has added cards from dermatology, renal, and lung videos. 

You can easily go through the tagged categories, such as Preventative Medicine and Neurology. Most answers come with tables, images, and different colors, making learning and visually seeing the topics easier.

Zanki Step 2 Deck 

Deck NameZanki Step 2 
Cards 5200
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2018
Required Plugins None 
Download Size426M
Download LinkZanki Step 2

The Zanki Step 2 Deck is designed for students in their third-year clerkship looking to study and pass the USMLE. It offers core education materials and breaks them into digestible cards. 

Some of the categories covered include 

  • Surgery 
  • Medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Neurology 
  • Pediatrics 
  • OB/GYN

No matter the clerkship you decide to go into, there’s likely to be a category for you. Many of the cards focus on the diagnosis and the next step. For example, many of the cards you’ll find are scenario-based and may ask, “what is the likely diagnosis?” 

These digital flashcards are based on high-yield resources, perfect for memorizing nit-picky details.