4 Physician Shadowing Programs in San Antonio!

Shadowing is critical in helping you decide on a career in healthcare. But finding programs near to you can sometimes prove difficult.

If you’re based in San Antonio, these physician shadowing programs could be a great fit for you.

Before we dive into the list of physician shadowing programs in San Antonio, check out our list of opportunities for hospital volunteers in San Antonio here. Many of these programs could eventually help in gaining vital clinical experience.

List Of Physician Shadowing Programs In San Antonio

University Health Observation Program

San Antonio’s University Health group runs a popular Observation Program giving current college/university students the chance to shadow health care professionals across their clinics and centers.

Although there are no spots for high school students, they do welcome applications from those studying/interested in the following:

  • Nurses
  • Dieticians
  • Technicians/Specialty Technicians
  • Administrative Assistants/Unit Clerks

The group is also willing to work with schools for students who need shadowing hours to fulfill credits on their degree program. Contact Volunteer.Services@uhs-sa.com for more info.

Anyone interested in shadowing physicians should make arrangements via the UT Health San Antonio Department and contacting the relevant department of interest.

Check out the video below for more on how University Health operates…


UT Health San Antonio Shadowing Programs

UCTHSCA has several shadowing/education programs available for interested participants.

Their Online Education platform is free and open to high school students looking to grow their professional skill sets and explore careers in health and biomedical sciences. Monthly Leadership Lessons, their flagship online initiative, takes place on the first Tuesday of the month. Scholar Insights take place on the third Thursday of every month. Both run via Zoom.

High school students, those aged between 16-18, are also welcome to volunteer in UCTHSCA’s research labs. Email coordinator Dr. Chapa (chapai@uthscsa.edu) for more info.

Other programs include:

  • Visiting Student Program: aimed at high school students over 16 delivering clinical, research and progessional experience with mentor contact and more
  • Student Internship Program: a year-round program for high school, college, pre-med and pre-PhD students to get hands-on, interdisciplinary reseach experience
  • CRIT Summer Undergraduate Cancer Research Scholar Program: 10-week program offering a $3,750 stipend aimed at highlighting cancer research
  • Pharmacology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Summer Program: 10-week program offering research responsibilities, seminars and more
  • San Antonio Program for Undergraduate Research in Renal Science (SPURSS): summer research project mentored by the UT Long School of Medicine
  • Promoting Representation in Immunology through Mentor-Enriched Research Assignments (PRIMERA): 10-week undergraduate summer research program targeted at students from underrepresented communities

You can find out more about all of these offerings at the website below.

Check out the video below for more on the types of people participating in these programs…


Long School of Medicine LLAMA: Pre-Medical Student Shadowing Program

LLAMA is aimed at pre-med college students and gives them the chance to shadow Family Medicine doctors and learn more about the specialty. It’s open to visiting students across the US.

Successful applicants are placed with physicians based on their interests. The program also provides a medical student mentor, research mentor and offers the chance to attend group discussions around the subject of Family Medicine.

Applications are accepted twice per year; once in Fall and Spring. LLAMA asks that students commit to two consecutive seminars.

The program coordinator is Regina Martinez (martinezr28@uthscsa.edu).


Outpatient Externship In Pediatrics – MD2B Connect

MD2B Connect has physicians available for shadowing, working in outpatient rotations in Pediatrics. Their contact is based 20 minutes northwest of downtown San Antonio at the University of Texas Health Science Center.

These are paid programs but offer exposure to:

  • Taking patient histories
  • Performing physical exams
  • Presenting patients
  • Writing clinic progress notes

And more.

This opportunity is designed for international medical graduates (IMGs).


Other Opportunities For Clinical Shadowing In San Antonio

As well as applying to the organized shadowing programs listed above, it can be worth researching and enquiring about possible hospital volunteering programs in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

Signing up to volunteer can help you build a network among physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare workers that could lead to important shadowing opportunities.

Check out the article linked in the introduction for more info on hospital volunteering programs in the city.

What About Private Shadowing?

It’s possible to set up private shadowing programs with physicians (and other healthcare workers) in San Antonio.

Here are some important tips on how to secure further shadowing opportunities in the city and surrounding areas:

  • Contact your own personal care provider (PCP) and enquire about shadowing
  • Look up major hospitals in the area and check to see if doctors practicing there are alumni of your college (email them and explain the situation)
  • Try cold calling/emailing physicians listed on the faculty list of San Antonio’s major medical schools
  • Check out volunteer opportunities in the city, get orientated and introduce yourselves to members of the medical team personally
  • Consider applying for hospital scribing jobs in the city

PA Shadowing

Physician Assistant Mentor Online has a couple of PAs you can shadow working in the San Antonio area.

Luba Nicole Boyko, PA-C, is a graduate of Mercy College Physician Assistant Program working in Family Practice. She has almost a decade’s worth of experience working in family medicine, urgent care, and weight loss management. Before becoming a PA, she was a respiratory therapist for 10 years.

You can schedule shadowing appointments with her directly via their website.

I Want To Shadow A Certain Specialty Doctor, What Can I Do?

If you’re looking to learn more about the various areas of medicine (and the differing roles) then shadowing can help.

Finding opportunities is generally the same across all areas of medicine and health. You’ll want to contact departments (and physicians) directly and see if they can put you in contact with specialist healthcare workers in areas you may be interested in.

I also have individual tips on finding opportunities within each specialty (surgery etc).

Final Thoughts

A physician or clinical-based shadowing program is important for any student interested in allied health careers. Not just future doctors but nurses, physician assistants, and anyone in between!

Hopefully, the programs above can help give you an introduction as to what life in healthcare is all about.

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