Does Lululemon Have A First Responder Discount?

Yes, Canadian clothing brand Lululemon provides a first responder discount to those residing in North America. Helping first responders save on men’s and women’s clothing, the discount can be used online or in-store. 

What is the Lululemon first responder discount?

The Lululemon first responder discount is an extension of its military discount. With a valid ID, first responders can save 15% off the brand’s products. Verification will be required to ensure you are eligible for the program, which is typically carried out online through a third-party (SheerID).

Up until October 2021, the Lululemon first responder discount offered 25% off its products. However, it has since been reduced to 15%, sparking a petition to bring back the 25% savings.

The discount can be used on any of the company’s products such as women’s leggings, men’s tops, training equipment, and hiking equipment. There is no limit on how many times you can use the discount once you have signed up for the program.    

It is worth keeping in mind that the discount doesn’t apply to shipping, packaging, or applicable taxes. Lululemon also doesn’t allow you to sell anything you purchase using the discount. There are several terms and conditions that need to be met in order for you to remain a program member. 

Who can benefit from the Lululemon first responder discount?

The Lululemon first responder discounts are available to:

  1. Active emergency first responders such as firefighters, EMT’s/paramedics, correctional officers, and police. 
  2. Active-duty military in the US and Canada
  3. Military spouses
  4. Reserve military personnel

The discount is only available to those in North America and Canada. The fact it can be used for military spouses is a great benefit compared to similar programs. 

How can I get the Lululemon first responder discount? 

To take advantage of the 15% Lululemon first responder discount, you will first need to confirm your identity. This will require a valid government, hospital or military ID. 

To receive the discount, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in or create an account on

Step 2: Enter your military or first responder information.

Step 3: Wait to receive a confirmation email.

Step 4: Begin using your discount by shopping online or in-store. 

You may need to follow additional verification steps, but in most cases, it will only take a few minutes. 

Final Thoughts

The Lululemon first responder discount offers 15% off its clothing and accessories range. Compared to similar programs, it is easy to sign up for and in most cases, you’ll be able to begin using the discount right away.

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