Health Care Workers Hotel Discounts: 9 Best Places 

Healthcare workers and first responders have been saving lives for years. Whether fighting against COVID-19 or other health crises, essential workers deserve the best. 

Fortunately, many hotels thank healthcare workers by offering discounts them. Here are the nine best places to receive discounts on your next hotel stay! 

1. Caesars 

Caesar’s hotel values the sacrifices and courage of medical professionals to serve people. Their chain of resorts offers nurses discounts up to 30% off hotel stays. However, it’s worth noting that some blackout dates apply. 

Healthcare workers must show proof through, an online verification system. Here’s how to apply the discount code during checkout: 

  1. Under the discount code box, click on “verify with” 
  2. Select the first responder or nurse field.
  3. You’ll sign in to, or you can create an account. 
  4. The website will ask for permission to verify the data. 
  5. Caesar will verify the information, and you can continue booking your stay. 

It’s worth noting that some blackout dates apply. Also, the nurse discount is only available at select hotels. However, there is a long list of hotels in many major cities. The discount even applies to Harrah’s resorts across the nation. Make sure to check the website for location eligibility. 

2. Choice Hotels 

Choice Hotels offers a discount for essential workers serving communities during the covid-19. This rate is available to workers that the government has identified as key workers. 

Medical professionals include:

  • Care Workers, 
  • Social Workers, 
  • Medical Staff
  • Frontline and Support Staff
  • Medicine and Equipment Producers and Suppliers

Select the “Choices Care Rate” when browsing your date and location to apply the discount. 

3. Walt Disney World Resort 

Are you hoping to take your family on vacation this year? Walt Disney World resorts offer an appreciation rate for healthcare workers. This includes nurses, doctors, and medical personnel. Specifically, it applies to their Swan and Dolphin locations. Here’s how you can redeem the offer: 

  • Enter promo code Y7N when you’re booking online. You’ll need to show a valid ID when arriving at check-in. 
  • You can also call either location and ask for their healthcare workers’ promotion. 

4. Westgate Resorts 

Westgate Resorts, a popular chain, has 29 locations across the United States. They created a Rooms for Everyday Heroes Program that allows a variety of essential workers to receive a 20% on their hotel rates. These essential workers include an array of professions. This includes health workers, warehouse workers, sanitation workers, delivery drivers, and truck drivers. 

Whether you want to travel to relax in the oasis of Myrtle Beach or enjoy the outdoor activities of Park City, Westgate has many options to choose from. Some of their best packages include: 

  • Westgate Lakes Resort and Tickets to Treasure Cove Waterpark
  • Orlando Resort Getaway
  • Gaming in Las Vegas
  • Gatlinburg Getaway
  • Branson with Two Tickets to the Silver Dollar City Theme Park. 

5. World of Hyatt 

The World of Hyatt is doing its part in honoring healthcare heroes. This popular hotel and resort chain provides deals for healthcare workers and nurses. They can enjoy friends and family rates by verifying their healthcare employment at check-in. 

Qualified healthcare workers can receive a special discount by going to Glocal Contact Centers or Then enter the code THANKYOU and validate your status in the medical field. Keep in mind that this discount last until December 31, 2022. 

6. Wyndham 

Essential workers have the privilege of being upgraded to Gold Status free of charge at the Wyndham hotels. At the Gold Level, guests have their preferences to choose their desired room and have a late checkout option. 

Also, they receive accelerated earning, meaning guests earn 10% more points on qualified stays. You could also donate your points to their charitable partners to help them fight against Covid-19. 

7. Radisson

Radisson hotels offer a free upgraded room at check-in and a 10% nurses discount. This special deal applies to hotels in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada. Also, these rates apply to specifically nurses and doctors in the medical field. 

8. CheapCaribbean 

The CheapCaribbean is a travel booking agency that connects users to deals for resorts and vacation packages. Healthcare workers specifically receive access to exclusive deals through their ER&R Club. Immediately, they’ll provide $150 off your next vacation along with beach deals, upgrades, and other packages. 

Claim the special offer by completing their form and verifying your professional status. You’ll need to enter the required information, such as: 

  • Professional Status 
  • Organization
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Code
  • Email Address

9. Contiki

Contiki is a travel booking site that offers users deals on many destinations. What separates Contiki from other offers is that you receive the entire package in a single booking. 

Their packages often include fun outdoor adventures to scenic and iconic places. And it also covers the accommodation, meals, and transport. For example, their LA to Bay package features sightseeing in National Parks and the Grand Canyon. 

It’s perfect for taking a group of people along with you. What’s great is that they have packages in dozens of countries, so it’s the perfect opportunity to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to. 

They are giving key workers such as nurses, doctors, and employees from emergency services £50 off. Claim your offer by using the code PPKEYWORKER at checkout. Also, you don’t have to pay all at once. You can book your spot with a £60 deposit. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are the most commonly asked questions regarding health care workers’ hotel discounts. 

Do Healthcare Workers Get Discounts for Travel?

Traveling can be expensive, especially if you’re traveling while working away from home. Many hotels offer healthcare workers discounts and deals, similar to the military.

If you don’t see any mention of a discount but plan on staying somewhere, do reach out to contact them with your credentials.

It never hurts to ask!

How Do I Claim Healthcare Workers and First Responder Deals and Discounts? 

The terms of the discount will depend on the hotel. You’ll need to present a valid ID and proof of employment when you arrive at the hotel. 

What Other Discounts do Healthcare Workers Receive? 

Businesses appreciate the service that healthcare and medical professionals have provided. Besides the hotel industry, other businesses offer hotel discounts. These industries include: 

  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Technology 
  • Travel 
  • Beauty and Bodycare 
  • Home and Garden 
  • Food, Beverage, and Restaurants 
  • Entertainment 
  • Health and Wellness
  • Automobile 
  • Free Continuing Education for Nurses 
  • Laundry and Cleaning Services 
  • Home Services and Improvement 
  • Pet Care 
  • Phone Services 

How Long Do These Deals Last? 

These deals won’t last forever. You’ll need to check their website to ensure these offers are valid. Also, the discounts may vary depending on the location.