6 Best Hospital Volunteer Opportunities In Tucson! (2022)

Tucson, the home of the University of Arizona, has a number of great medical health and training centers.

Offering a chance to see the healthcare system from the inside out, volunteering at hospitals in the city can be a worthy endeavor.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best programs for Tucson residents and visitors, as well as several more for those located in nearby Arizona state.

Before we get into the list of hospital volunteer programs in Boston, make sure you check out our other city guides and find more hospital volunteer opportunities near you.

Hospital Volunteer Listings in Tucson

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
MRCSAAZ 85710(520) 445-7035mrcsa.org
Northwest Healthcare: Northwest Medical Center AZ 85741(520) 469-8537healthiertucson.com/volunteer-opportunities
Northwest Healthcare: Oro Valley HospitalAZ 85755(520) 901-6318healthiertucson.com/volunteer-opportunities
Tucson Medical Center (TMC)AZ 85712(520) 327-5461tmcaz.com/staff-and-volunteers/volunteering
Banner Health – University Medical Center TucsonAZ85375(833) 252-5535bannerhealth.com/banner-university-tucson-volunteer
Children’s ClinicsAZ85712(520) 324-3055childrensclinics.org/volunteer/
Southern AZ VA Health Care SystemAZ85747(800) 698-2411tucson.va.gov/giving

1. MRCSA Volunteers (Medical Reserve Corps of Southern Arizona)

While many of the hospitals and organizations listed below have curtailed or paused their volunteer programs, you can still help Pima County and the Tucson area vaccinate the population. Non-medical volunteers can set up an account online (pima.volunteerhub.com) to help in administrative capacities with the vaccination effort, and individuals licensed and certified to administer vaccinations can contact MRCSA for more details.  


2. Northwest Healthcare

Northwest Healthcare operates four different hospitals in Tucson with established volunteer programs at these two: Northwest Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital. 

As with many hospitals, they are slowly bringing back volunteers after COVID shutdowns, a few departments at a time. At full strength, Northwest Medical Center has 325 volunteers assisting with non-medical needs in all departments. 

Adults are asked to make a 100-hour/6-month commitment, while junior volunteers are asked to commit to 60 hours (both based on volunteering 4 hours/week). Adult volunteers are placed where they are most needed, while junior volunteers may choose assignments in Messenger, Urgent Cares, and Information Desks.

Once a potential volunteer has downloaded and submitted the volunteer application, they are required to submit 2 letters of recommendation, immunization records, and ID at the interview.  If selected, volunteers will get further information on drug screening, background checks, uniform purchases, and training. 

Volunteer benefits include free membership to the hospital fitness center, free meals on days volunteering, and bi-annual appreciation luncheons.

Oro Valley Hospital, also run by Northwest Healthcare, has fewer volunteer opportunities based on needs in each department. They suggest you contact them to discuss your options. They also have a volunteer chaplain program. 


  • Name: Northwest Healthcare
  • Location: 7384 N La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85741
  • Phone: 520-441-9914
  • Website: healthiertucson.com

3. Tucson Medical Center (TMC)

TMC currently has limited volunteer capacity. They ask that you submit an application and they will place you, if possible, in a department based on their most urgent needs.

Because of COVID restrictions, at this time TMC cannot accept as volunteers high school students, tobacco users, those without an SSN, and those looking for court-ordered community service hours. Volunteers must be able to commit to 100 hours/6 months of volunteering. 

TMC ordinarily has some 400 volunteers logging more than 90,000 hours (2018) across 50 hospital departments – everything from the Auto Shop to the Vascular Lab. 

There are many groups of volunteers:

  • TMC Auxiliary: who wear teal shirts to identify themselves as Auxilians and are devoted to enhancing “the life and overall health of the people of Southern Arizona;”
  • College Student Program: for degree-seeking students who support the work of TMC’s clinical staff
  • Hospice volunteers: who provide 10% of the care for hospice patients, twice the Medicare requirement
  • TMC for Seniors: who organize free wellness, support, and socialization programs for more than 10,000 older adults in the region
  • Cardiac Rehab Mentors: who are ambassadors at outreach events and fundraisers, many of them survivors of cardiac disease
  • Pet Therapy: whose teams visit more than 20,000 patients a year

Check out the video below for an introduction to their volunteer group…


  • Name: Tucson Medical Center
  • Location: 5301 E Grant Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712
  • Phone: 520-327-5461
  • Website: tmcaz.com

4. Banner Health – University Medical Center Tucson

Banner Health, a non-profit that runs a number of hospitals in the region, uses volunteers to “make health care easier through direct assistance” to its patients.

Volunteers must be 16 or older, commit to 2 hours/week for a minimum of 6 months, pass a background check, and attend a group interview session. 

General volunteer assignments, available at all Banner campuses, consist of administrative and project support, guest services, floor support for Cancer Center, Med/Surg, and ED, and pediatric volunteering and tutoring. 

Volunteers may be assigned to general positions such as the above as determined by the needs of the hospital, or they can work with UMTC’s specialty programs in Dog Therapy (you must have a certified dog and undergo training) or Spiritual Therapy, providing comfort and spiritual support in a limited faith-based context to patients and families (must be approved by volunteer’s faith community). 

Check out the introduction video below for more info on the organization…


5. Children’s Clinics

Located on the TMC campus, Children’s Clinics is a non-profit, family-centered, comprehensive group of specialty clinics. They celebrate diversity, cater to bilingual families, and are accessible to the entire community. Their goal is to provide state-of-the-art care for the children of the community.

The following volunteer opportunities (commitment is a minimum of 50 hours) are offered at Children’s Clinics:

  • Patient and Family volunteers organize activities: to help monitor toys and games, and read stories for siblings so parents can focus on their child’s appointment
  • Administrative volunteers: to help with office work and functions
  • Pet Therapy volunteers (Certified Therapy animals and their owners): to provide comfort and distraction for patients and families
  • Adaptive Sports volunteers: to work one-on-one coaching and teaching new skills
  • Event Volunteers: help at Halloween, Christmas, and other holiday functions

Here’s how helping in that last activity, event organizing, can look…


  • Name: Children’s Clinics
  • Location: 2600 N Wyatt Dr, Tucson, AZ 85712
  • Phone: 520-324-5437
  • Website: childrensclinics.org

6. Southern Arizona VA Health Care System

Due to COVID, the Veteran’s Administration in Arizona, like all government organizations, has limited face-to-face services and limited volunteer options at this time. When restrictions are not in place, the VA offers a wide variety of volunteer possibilities.

In addition to office administrative assistants, appointment reminder assistants, and Vetlink kiosk navigators, the VA has volunteer positions for:

  • VA Ambassadors (transporting patients within the medical center)
  • Volunteer Transportation Network
  • DAV Drivers
  • TRAM drivers
  • Recreation Drivers

The VA also offers Concierge services that need volunteer staffing: Patient Concierge, Concierge Cart, Concierge Desk, Emergency Department Concierge, and Surgical Clinic Concierge. Volunteer barbers and hairstylists are also in demand (must be licensed in AZ). 

One of the most important volunteer duties is the In-home Visitor Program in which volunteers become a companion for homebound veterans, providing a break for their caregivers. 

Here’s a quick overview of how the group works…


  • Name: Tucson VA Medical Center
  • Location: 3601 S 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85723
  • Phone: 520-792-1450
  • Website: tucson.va.gov

Related Questions

Why Be A Hospital Volunteer In Tucson?

Volunteering in hospitals and clinics can have a positive impact on the community.

The skills, connections, and friends you make in any of the roles above, are something that’ll stay with you for a long time.

The experience also looks great on applications for healthcare-related degrees and helps you impress any relevant admissions boards.

Can I Be A Baby Cuddler Volunteer In Tucson?

There are baby cuddler volunteer opportunities at the following organizations:

  • Banner Health – University Medical Center
  • TMC Healthcare

You can find more information about both these hospitals (and their other volunteer programs) in the article above.

You’ll also need to match the eligibility criteria and undergo screening successfully before being accepted onto baby cuddler volunteer programs!

Who Are These Tucson Hospital Volunteer Opportunities For?

These opportunities are broad and open to people from all backgrounds.

Summer programs are generally for high schoolers looking to get a taste of healthcare fields while general volunteering positions are available to both students and professionals.

Check that you meet the criteria and eligibility for each opportunity first.

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