9 Hospital Volunteer Opportunities In Kansas City! (2021)

Interested in medical or hospital volunteer opportunities in Kansas City? This article’s for you.

Here we take a look at some of the best programs on offer that can help you gain experience, insight and knowledge of various health care roles.

There’s opportunity for adults, college and high school students too.

Before we get into the list of hospital volunteer programs in Kansas City, make sure you check out our other city guides and find more hospital volunteer opportunities near you.

Medical/Hospital Volunteer Opportunities In Kansas City

North Kansas City Hospital Volunteers

North Kansas City Hospital runs both adult and student (high school and college) volunteer programs across various departments including Pain Management, Cardiac Rehab, Children’s Learning Center, Nursing Units and Emergency Department.

Volunteer shifts are flexible and age dependent.


Overland Park Regional Medical Center Volunteer

The Volunteer Department at Overland Park Regional Medical Center offers volunteer opportunities in a variety of clinical and non-clinical areas, including patient care units and outpatient rehab.

Volunteers must be 16 or older. High school students wishing to be considered should provide a minimum one letter of recommendation.

A minimum 4 hours a week, 6 months and 100 hours of service is expected.


KU Medical Center Volunteer

The University of Kansas Health System greatly appreciates a dedicated volunteer workforce. As a member of the team, you’ll work alongside highly trained health care professionals and have your skills and interests matched with the needs of the hospital.

Volunteers are asked for a minimum commitment of 24 hours per week for 4 weeks.

Real KU Medical Center volunteer stories are available here.


St. Luke’s Hospital Volunteers

Saint Luke’s offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities across 11 facility locations including Anderson County Hospital, Saint Luke’s Hospice House, Crittenton Children’s Center, Hedrick Medical Center, Wright Memorial Hospital and both Saint Luke’s East and South Hospitals.

Volunteer opportunities are available for people aged 15 and up. General volunteer orientation and assignment-specific training is required

See the website for individual facility contacts.


St. Joseph Medical Center Volunteer Services

Becoming one of St. Joseph Medical Center’s 250 volunteers means you can help play an important role serving patients, families, physicians and hospital staff.

Volunteer assigments are avaible in patient care areas, staffing projects and more.

Volunteers range from 15-95 years. Training is provided.


Providence Medical Center

200 volunteers aged between 14-90 give their time to Providence Medical Center annually.

Commitments are flexible, training is provided and roles are diverse in both patient care areas or community-based activities.


KC Care Health Center

KC Care’s 700 strong volunteer support team makes a crucial difference in the lives of their patients giving up 25,000 hours annually. Positions run across different Kansas City centers; Homeroom Health, Midtown, Northeast and Research Medical Campus.

Clinical volunteers must commit to “twice a month” minimum. Roles include medical support, patient services screener and registration assistant.


Truman Medical Center Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer at Truman Medican Centers/University Health, you can discover the joy and satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in the lives of many.

Programs exist across two campuses, Truman Medical Center Health Sciences District (TMC HSD) and Truman Medical Center (TMC) Lakewood.

You can work assisting patients, staff, visitors and our long-term care residents.

Summer youth vounteering (14 to 17 years old) and high school student healthcare shadowing is also available. Email leotta.jones@tmcmed.org for more info.


Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Children’s Mercy Kansas City has volunteer opportunities for adults, college and high school students, groups and volunteers with disabilities.

Volunteers must be over 16 and are expected to perform core duties independently after an initial training period.



Kansas City is a great place for health volunteering. Hopefully this article has helped uncover several opportunities to get started with.

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Related Questions

Why Be A Hospital Volunteer In Kansas City?

Volunteering in a hospitals and clinics can have a positive impact on the community.

The skills, connections and friends you make in any of the roles above, is something that’ll stay with you for a long time.

The experience also looks great on applications for healthcare-related degrees and help you impress any relevant admissions boards.

Can I Be A Baby Cuddler Volunteer In Kansas City?

There are baby cuddler volunteer opportunities at the following organizations:

You will have to match the eligibility criteria and undergo screening successfully before being accepted on to baby cuddler volunteer programs.

Who Are These Kansas City Hospital Volunteer Opportunities For?

These opportunities are broad and open to people from all backgrounds.

Summer programs are generally for highschoolers looking to get a taste of healthcare fields while general volunteering positions are available to both students and professionals.

Check that you meet the criteria and eligibility for each opportunity first.