20 Awesome Emergency Medicine Memes

Emergency medicine can be pretty dramatic. Trauma, brutal shifts and patients appearing with nothing but a common cold, can all make it so.

But memes make light relief.

So here are 20 awesome emergency medicine memes you can kick back and enjoy.

Attributions where possible.

Emergency Medicine Memes

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1. Working ER On 4th of July

r/emergencymedicine - Truth

Those 4th July fireworks can be deadly.

Beer + bottle rockets + patriotism = a lot of work in emergency med.

“12,900 firework-related injuries were treated in emergency departments in 2017. There were at least 8 firework-related deaths in 2017.” [1]

It ain’t funny kids.

2. Throw In A Handful of Coins

Another “medical emergency” that only ER docs will know…

3. Pen Theft

A common complaint of the job.

4. Every Medic I Know…

r/emergencymedicine - Every medic I know...

Reinforcing the stereotype that firefighters don’t want to deal with patient care but still want to be thought of as “key emergency responders”.

A Lucas device, for those not in the know, is a machine you strap to patients that gives them chest compressions.

Very useful when stuck in the back of a moving truck/ambulance…

5. The Donut of Truth

This meme highlights the delicious temptation of ER docs everywhere to skip the physical and go for heavy hitting radiographical measures; CT scans specifically.

The dilemma is that while CT scans incur cost for the patient (and slow down departments) they can really help save a doctor’s ass when it comes to a possible misdiagnosis.

The donut of truth (take a look at how CT machines look) rarely lies…

6. Let’s Go For The Big Guns

Post image

A meme of a very similar nature.

7. Accurate

The red tape in this area of medicine is ever evolving.

Just try to keep your cool and take it in your stride.

8. Like, Everyone Hates Me…

You’d think, given the nature of the job, emergency med doctors would get the lions share of respect across the healthcare industry.

But the truth is a bit more depressing…

To all the other docs out there? Working in ER ain’t nothing special

9. But They Still Bring Their Kids To Us In An Emergency

Post image

Another of a similar theme.

10. It’s Been A Very Busy Week

Emergency med workers will swear by the accuracy here. Their only complaint? It’s not just the last week.

More like a whole career…

11. Emergency Medicine Interview Day Starter Pack

Emergency med has a bit of a reputation when it comes to making the specialism look more attractive.

The reality? Quite different!

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12. Night Shifters Represent

Post image

The sarcasm of the meme above probably has a lot to do with this.

Unsociable working hours? Emergency med is all over them.

13. Practicing EM in the US

Post image

Are you beginning to see the trend now?

14. Th-Thanks…

How most emergency med doctors, assistants and nurses feel on the regular….

Possibly the most underappreciated medical specialty of all time?

15. Waiting For My COVID Vaccine Email Like…

Apparently things are pretty slow…

16. Swift

If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary Tiger King, then you’re missing out.

Emergency responders couldn’t help notice this though. Main protaganist Joe Exotic suddenly springing into action with an emergency medicine bomber jacket after one of his employees (he actually keeps tigers) got their arm ripped off.

Yes, by a tiger.

Bonus: Tiger King Meme

And if you did watch the show you might appreciate this one too.

17. Radiologist at 16:59 on a Friday

Radiologist at 16:59 on a Friday from r/Radiology

OK, so it could be even earlier…

And it isn’t just radiologists either.

18. You Kind Of Just Get Used To It?

Probably not the best branch of medicine for the seriously squeamish though.

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19. It Do Be Like That

Post image

Poor paramedics. Probably even more underappreciated than EM docs.

20. Speaking From Experience

But then they do get a chance to get their own back!

Final Thoughts: Emergency Medicine Memes

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Emergency med workers, I salute you!

Image Credit: @zhenhu2424 at Unsplash