Best Pixorize Anki Decks 

Pixorize is a visual learning platform taking complex ideas into easy-to-digestible learning material. This is primarily done by weaving the ideas into a cartoon format, like a scene or storyline with visual mnemonics. 

Pixorize uses these memory hooks to help these concepts stick in our minds better and improve recall of these details. 

Here we’ll cover the best Anki Decks that review the Pixorize material to help memorize the material for your high-stakes board exams. 

Best Pixorize Anki Decks 

Every Anki deck is unique in the number of cards, topics covered, and format. We’ll take a closer look at what’s inside these decks: 

  • Pixy Sugar Anki Deck 
  • Full Pixorize Anki Deck 
  • Ktron Pixorize Anki Deck 
  • Zanki Biochemistry 

1. Pixy Sugar Anki Deck 

Deck NamePixy Sugar Deck
Cards 890
Card Format Q&A
Year of Upload 2019 
Required Plugins None 
Download Size187 MB
Download LinkDownload Pixy Sugar Deck Here 

Redditor u/deadbeet_fly compiled a deck that covers all of the high-yield information from Pixorize. It combined information from a few decks from other trusted decks. 

This deck comprises a Q&A format, and the answer given is a detailed image with texts associated with parts of the picture. 

Once you memorize the image, you can recall multiple terms. 

For example, the question from this card asks, “ependymoma may cause what complication? 

The image shows all of the various complications. Often each part of the image is detailed and describes the term. 

2. Adytumdweller Anki Deck 

Deck NameAdytumdweller Deck 
Cards 2400 cards 
Card Format Clozed
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None
Download SizeMultiple Decks 
Download LinkDownload Adytumdweller Deck Here

U/adynumdweller is a popular Redditor who’s responsible for building this deck. Comprised of about 2,400 cards, it contains all of Pixorize Immuno and Biochemistry complections sections. 

Each deck is incredibly comprehensive. The Pixorize Biochemistry covers 20 chapters ranging from biochem pathways to lung cancer.

In the Immunology deck, you’ll receive ten categories covering cell types and immunodeficiencies. 

Many cards are in cloze format accompanied by a relevant picture that describes or helps you memorize the term. 

3. KTron Pixorize Anki Deck 

Deck NameKTron Pixorize Deck 
Cards 69 
Card Format Q&A
Year of Upload 2019
Required Plugins None 
Download Size1.4 GB
Download LinkDownload Ktron Pixorize Deck Here 

KTron created a deck specifically on the biochemistry portion of the Pixorize videos. While the deck is quite small, it focuses on many diseases, biochem bathrooms, and vitamins. 

Most of the vitamins, glycogen storage disorders, lysosomal, and dyslipidemias are included. In addition, it also covers brain tumors, metabolic diseases, immunodeficiencies, and neurocutaneous disorders. 

This deck focuses on a question-and-answer style deck along with the associated Pixorize images. 

For example, you can see that this picture adds funny details to help you remember a term. A car moving around the moon helps you to remember the increase in autoimmune diseases. 

4. Zanki Biochemistry Anki Deck 

Deck NameZanki Biochemistry Deck 
Cards 2128
Card Format Clozed
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None
Download Size18.5 MB
Download LinkDownload Biochemistry Anki Deck 

The Zanki biochemistry deck is the gold standard for helping you learn and retain biochemistry knowledge. This deck has been around for quite awhile time and is always updated to help you with the step 1 exam. 

The cards are primarily in cloze format, allowing you to review them rapidly. They work great alongside referencing with the associated resource. 

While it does pull from multiple resources like Kaplan Biochemistry and First Aid for USMLE, it does include Pixorize. 

There are plenty of images throughout the deck to clarify the difficult concepts. 

The deck consists of 2128 cards and covers the following topics: 

  • Genetic disorders 
  • Metabolism
  • Molecular, Cellular, Genetics 
  • Vitamins 

With these hierarchical tags, you can easily get to the key areas of biochemistry you’re struggling with most. 

Is Pixorize Worth It? 

Pixorize has been worth it for many medical students, especially in helping them achieve high board exam scores. 

Pixorize is similar to Sketchy and Picmonic. They all encode complex medical concepts with memorable and humourous imagery. This helps facilitate the retention of extensive amounts of medical information. 

Pixorize can be valuable during high-stakes exams since you’ll recall the imagery when you visually see associated terms. Consequently, you’ll remember the details of the image and better answer the question. 

Typically, these images are shown in an active-sketch video format. It starts with a relatively blank image and develops as the narrator explains the meaning of each part of the picture. 

For medical students, Pixorize focuses on the following topics: 

  1. Neuroanatomy 
  2. Pharmacology 
  3. Microbiology
  4. Immunology 
  5. Biochemistry 

The primary benefit of using Pixorize is that it offers much cheaper plans than Sketchy. However, Sketchy does offer more subjects, reviews, and end-of-video quizzes. 

Many medical students prefer to mix and match Pixorize and Sketchy resources for topics. We recommend using both Sketchy and Pixorize Anki decks for better recall retention. 

How to Use Pixorize Effectively 

Efficient studying is one of the most crucial lessons you’ll learn as a medical student. If you’re already using Pixorize or plan on using it, you’ll have to know how Pixorize fits in with the other material you use. 

Pixorize focuses on visual mnemonics to help you review and memorize all the high-yield factoids and details. 

It’s excellent for tying facts to diseases and creating associations in your mind. However, they can’t be used as a substitute for high-level understanding. You’ll still need to learn and understand the high-level concepts. 

That means it’s important to consider using First Aid for high-level concepts and USMLE-Rx for practice questions. Other resources you’ll want to consider are Boards and Beyond, Pathoma, SketchyMedical, and UWorld. 

It’s best to watch the step-by-step Pixorize videos on each topic, like vitamins, during your dedicated USMLE study periods. Then use the Anki decks above to help you better retain the knowledge for the exam.