Best OMM/OMT Anki Decks 

When studying for the COMLEX, the stakes are incredibly high. In either case, the amount of material that needs to be learned can feel overwhelming. Also, the importance of these exams for your residency application is colossal. 

OMM/OMT is an integral portion of the COMLEX and USMLE exams, meaning you’ll need a solid knowledge base of the subject. 

Anki decks have been a savior for medical students. We’ll cover the four best Anki Decks and additional resources for studying OMM/OMT.

Best OMM/OMT Anki Decks 

We’ll only look at the most used and popular decks to save you the extra time sifting through decks. Anything that doesn’t offer the highest yield information isn’t included. 

The decks we’ll be reviewing are: 

  • D.O. Demeter Deck: an Anking-level deck for OMM 
  • PathoTurnUp’s TurnUp2 OMT Deck
  • ATP7B’s AnkiStill OMM Deck 
  • Khanos77 Savarese 3rd OMM Anki Deck 

D.O. Demeter Deck: an Aking-level deck for OMM 

Deck NameD.O Demeter Deck: An Anking-level deck for OMM V3
Cards 1263 
Card Format Cloze 
Year of Upload 2020
Required Plugins None 
Download Size406MB
Download LinkD.O Demeter Deck: An Anking-level deck for OMM

One of the most popular decks used for OMM study is the D.O. Demeter Deck. Out of 1,263 cards, the deck of cards features high-yield information from Savarese, AMBOSS, First Aid for the COMLEX, Netter’s Atlas, and Combank. 

Most of the material is in a cloze format. This means there are fill-in-the-blank words and supplemental information for faster recall.

I like that each card has a notes tab to expand the topic further. The notes typically provide charts, tables, and graphics that visually explain the concept. 

Additionally, Demeter separated the cards by “basics” and “clerkships.” The clerkship is a quick-paced review highlighting the most common conditions for OMM. 

TurnUp2 OMT Deck

Deck NameTurn Up 2 OMT
Cards 1079
Card Format Cloze Deletion 
Year of Upload 2018
Required Plugins None
Download Size28.83 MB
Download LinkTurn Up 2 OMT

Created by the Redditor u/PathoTurnup, the Turn Up 2 OMT deck is a cloze deletion deck similar to Zanki. 

The deck includes material from resources such as OMED, OMGOMT, Savarese, Comquest, and Combank. 

It features a cloze deletion format to test your memory and see whether you remember the blanked word or phrase. You’re given clues through the context of the other words in the sentence.

These cards pull out the important points to help direct you to the correct answer. There are a lot of italicized, bolded, and colored words to help highlight certain important information.

The following chapters organize this deck: 

  • Chapter 1: The basics
  • Chapter 2: Cervical spine 
  • Chapter 3: Thorax and ribcage 
  • Chapter 4: Lumbar spine 
  • Chapter 5: Scoliosis and short leg syndrome 
  • Chapter 6: Sacrum and innominate 
  • Chapter 7: Upper extremities 
  • Chapter 8: Lower extremities 
  • Chapter 9: Craniosacral motion 
  • Chapter 10: Facilitation 
  • Chapter 11: Chapman points 
  • Chapter 12: Myofascial release 
  • Chapter 13: Lymphatics 
  • Chapter 14:Counterstrain and FPR
  • Chapter 15: Muscle energy
  • Chapter 16: HVLA
  • Chapter 17: Articulatory 
  • Chapter 18: Special Test 

You can easily navigate the deck by category if you’re focusing on a specific area in which you need more practice. 

AnkiStill OMM Deck V4

Deck NameAnkiStill OMM Deck 
Cards 3211
Card Format Cloze and Q&A format
Year of Upload 2018
Required Plugins None
Download Size161 MB
Download LinkAnkiStill OMM Deck 

The AnkiStill OMM Deck version 4 is the most comprehensive deck we’ve found. With 3211 cards, it covers practically everything you need to know for your exam. 

If you’re on a time crunch, 569 of the most high-yield OMM/OMT cards have been tagged as OMM: HighYield. This lets you learn the most important information quickly. 

The contents included in the deck are: 

  • Anatomy review 
  • Basic overview of OMM 
  • Cervical spine 
  • Thorax and ribcage 
  • Lumbar spine: Q&A format 
  • Sacrum and innominates 
  • Upper extremities: Q&A format 
  • Lower extremities: Q&A format 
  • Cranial: Q&A format 
  • Myofascial release 
  • Chapman points: Q&A format 
  • Counterstrain: Q&A format 
  • Muscle energy: Q&A format 
  • HVLA: Q&A format 
  • Stretches and exercise
  • Special tests: Q&A format  
  • Rapid review: Q&A format 

This deck has lots of Q&A and cloze deletion format. Also, there are lots of charts and pictures to help you visually put the information together. 

Khanos77 Savarese 3rd OMM Anki Deck 

Deck NameOMM for Zanki 
Cards 356
Card Format Basic 
Year of Upload 2019
Required Plugins None 
Download Size4.6 MB
Download LinkOMM for Zanki 

Redditor u/Khanos77 built a concise and impactful OMM for the Zanki deck. It includes Zanki-style cards with material containing every chapter of the OMT Review 3rd edition by Savarese. 

All of the information is strictly OMM and directly related to COMLEX. 

Like the Turnup 2 OMT deck, you can easily navigate the deck by chapter to find what you’re looking for. 

While the deck is quite short, it’s a great quick review to have on hand before the exam.

Additional OMM/OMT Resources 

Preparing for the COMLEX Level 2 is much different than practicing for COMLEX Level 1. For Level 1, you can likely get away with using standard USMLE Step 1 resources such as UWorld, Sketchy, Pathoma, and First Aid. You can achieve outstanding scores by reviewing OMM content and doing practice questions. 

Here are some valuable resources out there:

Online Med Ed 

Online Med Ed is a platform featuring video lectures that are easy to understand. It covers a comprehensive curriculum on COMAT/shelf and COMLEX level exams. This is a great option for acquiring and learning content that will be tested on the exam. 


There are newer video resources that are more high-yield and more engaging than the old-fashioned Savarese book. While there is a monthly subscription of $39 per month, it’s absolutely worth it. Their content includes: 

  • Clinical videos of demonstrations on setting up OMM techniques
  • Didactic videos of high yield
  • Practice questions in PDF format covering every OMM subtopic
  • Rapid review notes and tables. 


UWorld is a practical resource for preparing for COMLEX Level 2. Make sure to work through the question bank during your study period and clinical rotations to get a solid foundation of OMM knowledge.