5 Physician Shadowing Programs In Indianapolis

Shadowing is critical in helping you decide on a career in healthcare. But finding programs near to you can sometimes prove difficult.

If you’re based in Indianapolis or the surrounding metro area, these physician shadowing programs could be a great fit for you.

List Of Physician Shadowing Programs In Indianapolis

Parkview Health Job Shadowing

Parkview Health Job Shadowing has various opportunities for shadowing in its clinics and hospitals in and around the Indianapolis area.

The group pairs individuals with Parkview professionals for a day or week-long shadowing program, giving people the chance to see the daily functions, duties, and responsibilities of various healthcare careers.

The programs are designed for high school, college, or workforce individuals and daily placements are between 4-8 hours long (for a total of 40 hours per semester). You have to be 14 and over to be eligible.


Major Health Partners

The Major Health Partners group, in nearby Shelbyville, can arrange physician shadowing and observerships.

As a leading provider of healthcare in the southeastern part of the state, the group is home to numerous clinics, hospitals, and other facilities where it’s possible to see the day-to-day operations of health work up close and personal.

During the pandemic, they did put a temporary hold on their regularly advertised opportunities but it’s worth checking back with the group to see if there are any current opportunities available to explore.

Check out the website for more info.


St. Vincent Indianapolis Job Shadowing

Ascension St. Vincent Hospital, the flagship installation of St. Vincent Health, is known to take students and members of the general public on board for physician and other healthcare career shadowing experiences.

Their application for the Sonography Shadowing Program is worth looking at and tells you everything you need to know about their expectations of shadowing applicants and what’s offered via placement.

You may also want to get in contact with Abdullah Hawsawi via LinkedIn. He successfully arranged a shadowing placement with the group as a student at the University of Indianapolis and may have a few pointers on who to reach out to for specialty or career-specific observerships.


Van Laeken Summer Research Internship in Pediatric GI

This flexible 8-week summer program ran out of the University of Indiana’s School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics, offers interns the option to work on clinical research projects under the mentorship of physicians and researchers at its Pediatrics GI faculty.

The program is open to both undergrads and medical students. There is also the opportunity to participate in relevant GI division conferences.

You can email McKenzi Sidor at msidor@iu.edu for more info.


Indiana CTSI Summer Internship Program

The Indiana CTSI Summer Internship Program is offered to high school, undergraduate, and medical students looking to gain insight and experience assisting physicians and other faculty members in lab and clinical research.

Connections made via the program may offer unique new ways in which to shadow/observe clinicians within their respective fields.


  • Name: Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Location: 340 West 10th Street, Fairbanks Hall, Suite 6200, Indianapolis, IN 46202-3082
  • Contact: 317-274-8157
  • Website: indianactsi.org/education-training

Other Opportunities For Clinical Shadowing In Indianapolis

As well as applying to the organized shadowing programs listed above, it can be worth researching and enquiring about possible hospital volunteering programs in Indianapolis and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Signing up to volunteer can help you build a network among physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare workers that could lead to important shadowing opportunities.

What About Private Shadowing?

It’s possible to set up private shadowing programs with physicians (and other healthcare workers) in Indianapolis.

Here are some important tips on how to secure further shadowing opportunities in the city and surrounding areas:

  • Contact your own personal care provider (PCP) and enquire about shadowing
  • Look up major hospitals in the area and check to see if doctors practicing there are alumni of your college (email them and explain the situation)
  • Try cold calling/emailing physicians listed on the faculty list of Indianapolis’ major medical schools (IU School of Medicine is a good place to start)
  • If you’re interested in becoming a PA, email or call up Saint Francis South and Mooresville ER (both staff PA’s)
  • Consider applying for hospital scribing jobs in the city
  • Look into virtual shadowing opportunities

I Want To Shadow A Certain Specialty Doctor, What Can I Do?

If you’re looking to learn more about the various areas of medicine (and the differing roles) then shadowing can help.

Finding opportunities is generally the same across all areas of medicine and health. You’ll want to contact departments (and physicians) directly and see if they can put you in contact with specialist healthcare workers in areas you may be interested in.

Final Thoughts

A physician or clinical-based shadowing program is important for any student interested in allied health careers. Not just future doctors but nurses, physician assistants, and anyone in between!

Hopefully, the programs above can help give you an introduction as to what life in healthcare is all about.

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