Summaries, Notes, and Reviews from Books I’ve Read

Long-form reading is one of my longest passions. I first started this site to act as a repository for my learning. And also a place to file my book notes and summaries!

After seeing how many others on the web publish book notes, I thought I’d join the fray. Here I go sharing all of my summaries and notes from books, speeches, articles, etc.

To take a look at the notes, click on any linked title. I try to include a key takeaway and ratings to give you an idea of what you might find interesting. I’ve roughly categorized it by topic, some of these are broad, some are narrow, and this will likely change (with my interests) over time.

The notes and summaries are meant to be concise, reminding me of interesting concepts without attempting to recreate the whole book or be some kind of NYTimes literary review!

You may want to use them to remind yourself of something you read or to help decide on something new to read.