11 Medical Schools With An Early Decision

If you know that you want to attend medical school and have your heart set on a particular school, consider applying for an early decision. This process allows applicants to submit their applications earlier than the regular deadline and receive a decision sooner. So, if you’re confident about your choice, submitting your application through this route can save you time and anxiety. 

Keep in mind that an early decision is a binding agreement; if you are accepted, you must attend school. However, it’s a great way to show dedication and increase your chances of getting accepted.

Learn more about the different medical schools with early decision programs below.

11 Medical Schools With An Early Decision Program

1. Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Albert Einstein offers the early decision admission program to students with outstanding academic and cognitive qualifications who want Einstein as their first choice school.

All early decision applications must be submitted by August 1. Applicants should submit any supporting documents by August 15 and should have taken the Medical College Admission Test by June 15 before sending out their application.

Applicants are scheduled for an interview as part of the application process. Candidates will be informed of application outcomes by October 1, and all successful candidates must take the offer.

2. Boston University School of Medicine

The early decision program at Boston University is reserved for students with high MCAT scores and GPA, students associated with a prearranged linkage program, or those with a compelling circumstances.

If you fall under any of these categories, contact the school administration through medadms@bu.edu with a summary of all your academic qualifications and a written application of why you prefer to join Boston University.

The application results are released by October 1, and applicants cannot apply to another university before then.

3. Central Michigan University (CMU) College of Medicine

Michigan University (CMU) College offers the early decision program to Michigan residents who are currently enrolled or have graduated from a public or private university in Michigan with a score of 3.5 GPA and 503 MCAT.

Application letters and supporting documents should be availed in college before August 1, and candidates who do not qualify for an interview will be informed by August 15.

The decision for qualifying candidates is made by August 30, which gives you a chance to apply to another medical school.

4. Eastern Virginia Medical School

Eastern Virginia Medical School participates in the early decision application program between June and August. The application decisions are announced not later than October 1.

Candidates who want to apply for the early decision program should contact the admission before sending out the applications, then submit their application letters and supporting documents to AMCAS and EVMS.

Candidates who apply for the early decision cannot apply to another college before decisions are out and must accept the offer if accepted.

5. University of South Florida (USF)

The early decision program by the University of Florida is only available to candidates who are fully interested in studying at USF.

Qualifying applicants must have a high academic record and a score of at least 516 on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) taken before the application.

Application decisions are announced on or not later than October 1, and the accepted students must be committed to studying at USF.

6. University of South Carolina Greenville

The University of South Carolina opens early decision applications in early May, and applicants are required to submit their application letters, recommendation letters, and any other documents from the end of May through the end of August.

Upon review, qualifying applicants are invited for an interview, and application decisions are announced on or before October 1.

7. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

The University of Cincinnati participates in the early decision program through AMCAS to attract high-performing students who want to join the college.

Qualifying students must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA > 3.60, Cumulative BCPM GPA > 3.5, MCAT Score > 512, service experience, non-curriculum activities, and strong recommendations.

The early decision applications should be completed by August 1. Selected candidates are interviewed between August and September, and application decisions are released by September 30.

8. University of Alabama

The University of Alabama School of Medicine participates in the AMCAS Early Decision Program. Eligible candidates must be legal residents of Alabama, have an undergraduate GPA of > 3.6, an MCAT score of >506, and be eligible for a bachelor’s degree by the time of application decision.

The application decision for the EDP will be released by October 1. 

Applications for non-qualifying students are added to the regular application pool, and candidates can apply to other medical schools at that time.

9. Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine

The early decision program of the TTUHSC School of Medicine is only available to in-state candidates.

Applicants must submit their applications, including a TMDSAS application, transcripts, evaluation letter, MCAT score, and a TTUHSC Secondary application, on or before August 1.

Admission decisions are released no later than October 1, and successful applicants are obliged to accept the offer. The EDP is binding because you cannot apply to another school of medicine without a formal release from TTUHSC.

10. SUNY Upstate Medical University

If you are interested in studying only at SUNY Upstate Medical University, secure a chance by applying to their early decision program.

The requirements for the EDP state that you can only apply to SUNY Upstate Medical University by August 1, avail all your application documents by August 15, and you must accept the offer if accepted.

The application decisions are made on or before October 1, and only a small portion of the applicants with excellent grades qualify.

11. Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

The early decision program by Rutgers New Jersey Medical School allows you to select NJMS as the medical school of your choice.

To apply, make your AMCAS application by August 1 and only select New Jersey Medical School as your school. If you select more than one college, your program type will change from Early Decision to Regular.

The applications are reviewed in two days, and interviews are scheduled from June 29.

Application decisions are sent out by July 15, which gives candidates who did not qualify a chance to apply to other medical schools.