Kenhub Review: Is Kenhub Worth It? (2021)

Take it from me, anatomy is one of the toughest subjects you’ll take if you’re interested in becoming a nurse, physio or medical doctor.

It’s seriously dense and takes a lot of time to master.

Thanks to innovative platforms like Kenhub, suddenly all that could get a whole lot easier.

But is Kenhub worth the hype? Can it really help, as it suggests, “learn anatomy faster?”

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid by Kenhub neither is their any affiliate link used in this article. The following is result of personal research only.

Is Kenhub Worth It? Key Points

About:An all-in-one online learning platform designed to help master anatomy, histology and medical imaging
Price:$220 lifetime access. $33 monthly. $22 every 3 months
Pros:Fantastic user experience. Customizable learning journeys. Top of the range custom quiz feature
Cons:Expensive as a single subject learning resource. Videos can get a little boring.
Verdict:Will definitely help you learn anatomy but so will a good book and flashcard set that’s much cheaper.
Overall Rating:3.2/5

What Are The Best Resources For Med School?

I’m on a mission to review all the top resources students can use during their medical education. My goal is to be transparent, honest and say with clarity what’s worth spending money on or not. You can find all my reviews and current scores on my recommendations page.

What Is Kenhub?

Kenhub is an all-in-one online learning platform designed for teaching nursing, physiotherapy and medical students anatomy, histology and medical imaging.

The platform describes itself as a combination of “visual, audio and interactive materials.”

Here’s how the main website looks…


The platform is in English, German and Portuguese languages.

According to the website, Kenhub has almost 1.8 million medical students actively using their service.


Kenhub’s mission is to provide a single integrated online platform with multiple learning tools.

Users have access to the following:

  • 500+ video tutorials
  • 500+ personally adaptable quizzes
  • Articles with high quality atlas images

Here’s how Kenhub’s promo video describes it on their YouTube channel (650K subscribers).

Why Is It Called Kenhub?

Kenhub’s name comes from the noun “ken”, taken to mean one’s knowledge, and the word “hub” (center of activity).

It was founded in 2012.

How Does Kenhub Work?

It works by tailoring a unique experience to each user. A dashboard tracks your progress, telling you what areas of anatomy you need to review.

You login, choose your topic and follow a “recommended learning path” shown on screen.

Each path involves watching videos, taking quizzes and looking over an atlas.

Here’s how each learner’s journey is customized…


You pick your study field, your institution (you can skip this option if you’re a self-learner) and then have a choice of subjects.

Each subject page has the following:

  • Learning objectives
  • Video tutorial
  • Quiz
  • Atlas gallery
  • Summary of key points
  • Related articles

After you complete each activity you can then continue your learning and move on to the next subject.


Your progress is tracked as you do quizzes.

The dashboard shows your weak spots, points earned, hours trained and terms learned.

Here’s how it’s all displayed…


How Is The Kenhub App?

There is no dedicated Kenhub app.

The platform’s mobile experience is designed to work “fully responsively”. This means users won’t experience scrolling or zooming problems when using the main website.

The content adapts to whatever screen you access it on.

It doesn’t matter whether you use iOS or Android.

What Is The Daily Anatomy App?

The Daily Anatomy app is a partner company of Kenhub.

It offers the ability to learn anatomy offline and on the go. There are five different packages available focused on different parts of the body.

It uses questions combined with spaced repetition to help teach the basics.

It’s basically Kenhub in flashcard form.

Both the iOS and Android versions have a strong 4.5+ rating.

Is Kenhub Legit?

I’d say Kenhub is definitely legit. It has a quality commitment that is “grounded in academic literature and research, validated by experts.”

It uses multiple academic resources as a reference point. These include:

  • Gray’s Anatomy For Students
  • Clinically Oriented Anatomy
  • Junqueira’s Basic Histology
  • Histology: A Text and Atlas
  • Human Microscopic Anatomy

It also works with some of the world’s top medical illustrators, including Netter award winner Paul Kim.

Kenhub is also being used by professors at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the University of Colorado.

Is Kenhub A Scam?

Kenhub isn’t a scam. The website is very clear on its terms and conditions and privacy policy, stating that it does collect some personal data from users.

I coudn’t find any indication that it’s a scam based on my research. Users generally report it being transparent and honest.

Kenhub’s help section is very useful and provides answers to most complaints.


Does Kenhub Offer Refunds?

Kenhub offers a full money-back guarantee during the first 7 days of a Premium subscription.

They do ask that you give them a reason for requesting a refund.


There is more information about this in the library section of the website.

What Is Kenhub Premium?

Kenhub Premium is the paid subscription version of the platform that provides full access to all existing and future content.

Premium includes:

  • Exam preparation and quizzes
  • Access to “anatomy geeks”: 24/7 support that’ll put study plans together for you
  • Over 565 beginner to advanced quizzes
  • Over 121+ hours of video

Is Kenhub Free?

Kenhub’s free model is referred to as their “Basic” plan.

This includes:

  • Anatomy atlas and articles
  • Latin and English terminologies

You’ll need to register at the site first to use this.

There is also a free trial of the Premium content that lasts for 60 minutes. You can get this when you first sign up.

How Much Does Kenhub Cost?

Kenhub works on a subscription based model.

The pricing tier:

  • £24 ($33) monthly
  • £16 ($22) every 3 months
  • £160 ($220) lifetime access

There is a 100% money-back-guarantee if you cancel in the first 7 days.

Payments can be made via all major credit cards and Paypal.

Clicking the “Get access now” button will show you the payment options available in your country.

Does Kenhub Have Student Discount?

There is no student discount for Kenhub Premium.

Students can use the Basic membership to get access to the atlas, articles, sample videos and quizzes.

Does Kenhub Offer Institutional Access?

Kenhub does not currently offer institutional access.

How Do You Sign Up For Kenhub?

You can sign up for Basic membership anytime by going to Kenhub’s login page.

Signing up for the first time allows you enjoy the 60 minute Premium free trial.

This will show you all the features available to paying users.

There are options for one-click-logins using Facebook or Google.

What Are Other Students Saying About Kenhub?

Many of Kenhub’s reviews, especially those on Youtube, are paid promotions.

Here’s a useful (paid) review from Institute of Human Anatomy (who feature in my article; How To Prepare For Cadaver Lab (A Med Student’s Guide)). It runs through the main features and gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Over on Kenhub’s main website there’s no shortage of positive user reviews.

Here’s two of them, one from an actual med student and another from a professor.


Besides from these reviews though reports are a bit more neutral.

One Reddit user in this post claims Kenhub is “good on learning the basics or light supplement…but wouldn’t heavily rely on them.”

While other users are generally positive, saying “Kenhub really comes in handy for when you need someone to tell you stuff (auditory learning)”, as well as it having “very good videos and helpful custom quizzes.”

As for my opinion….

Criticism Of Kenhub

  • Videos can sometimes feel long and repetitive (average length is 15-20 minutes)
  • Not a huge fan of the monthly-subscription based model
  • Struggle to see it’s utility (or value) once you pass anatomy and histology

Praise Of Kenhub

  • Great user experience: everything is one place helping you stay focused
  • Dashboard tracking is a nice touch: useful to see weak spots and the areas you need to improve
  • High quality atlas images and diagrams
  • Very comprehensive coverage of topics
  • Quiz software is excellent; very intuitive and fun to use

    More on that last point; although it looks simple, the quiz feature is where Kenhub stands out. Your progress here tracks excellently with the dashboard and you’ll know exactly what to work at the start of each new study session.

Is Kenhub Good For USMLE?

Kenhub is good for anatomy and histology only. It’s not comprehensive enough to cover all the major subjects that make up the USMLE.

Anatomy isn’t representative enough on the exam to justify the purchase.

The Basic (unpaid) membership could be worth a look though. Specifically as a supplement to your classes and lectures.

How To Best Use Kenhub?

I’d recommend most students use the Basic membership to read articles and take sample quizzes.

Tips for Premium members include:

  • Work through content from the beginning and at your own pace
  • Start every new study session with a review, head to your dashboard first so you know what to work on
  • Stay in the Kenhub environment (easy to do) to avoid getting distracted by other resources
  • Skim over the articles to help save time (focus more on the video and quiz content first)

Alternatives To Kenhub

  • TeachMeAnatomy
  • Essential Anatomy 5
  • Complete Anatomy
  • Gray’s Anatomy For Students (Book)
  • Dr Najeeb Lectures (see review)
  • Lecturio (see review)

Final Thoughts On Kenhub

Kenhub is great for what it is; a software platform focused very specifically on learning anatomy and histology.

And due to it being all-in-one, it will make you learn anatomy faster.

But it is also expensive. It’s monthly and lifetime subscription models aren’t exactly budget friendly.

Personally, I struggle to see the value it offers beyond a solid flashcard deck and a reliable anatomy textbook or atlas.

If you have the discipline and commitment (and know you won’t get distracted using them), the above can be a cheaper alternative.

But Kenhub is a superb option for students who don’t like that approach. It’s got everything you need; videos, quizzes, text etc. to help you do well in the subject.

For that reason, I’ll give Kenhub a decent 3.2/5.

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